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Favorite House

Slytherin 0.34862385321101 34.9% [ 114 ]
Ravenclaw 0.25688073394495 25.7% [ 84 ]
Hufflepuff 0.15596330275229 15.6% [ 51 ]
Gryffindor 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 54 ]
Don't have one 0.073394495412844 7.3% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 327 ]
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My favourite one is Ravenclaw, because of many reasons... Blue is my favourite colour, I love eagles, Luna is so cool, the Grey Lady is my favourite ghost aside from Peeves... Ollivander comes from Ravenclaw... and I'd love to visite their tower! Luckily, it's my House on Pottermore so... happy! biggrin
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Favourite House is Slytherin, and I got sorted into Slytherin. c:
I'll join Pottermore just to take the House quiz and make it official. FYI my House (unofficially for now) is Ravenclaw. I'm going to try and make it official!
I'm too Slytherin for my own good! I originally wanted to be a Ravenclaw; so I tried out Pottermore to see if I was one. I made like 50 accounts, because, you never know. Each time I got Slytherin, (lol anyone who cheats like that is slytherin anyway XD). Then, I finally read the books and now I love my house and am completely patriotic~

So I decided recently to try again to see what I would get. I KEPT GETTING RAVENCLAW. I was literally raging. I'M BLOODY SLYTHERIN.
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I always liked Ravenclaw when I was little before I even knew much about the attributes of the houses. First time I ever got sorted on pottermore I got Ravenclaw! My second house is Hufflepuff!
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I like all the houses, but I always thought I would land in Ravenclaw maybe Hufflepuff...
Surprise, surprise - I got Slytherin in the end not that I mind smile .

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