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Favorite House

Slytherin 0.34862385321101 34.9% [ 114 ]
Ravenclaw 0.25688073394495 25.7% [ 84 ]
Hufflepuff 0.15596330275229 15.6% [ 51 ]
Gryffindor 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 54 ]
Don't have one 0.073394495412844 7.3% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 327 ]
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        calling to angels gets lonesome
          when you don't believe they exist anyway.

                  I kind of wanted to be a Ravenclaw but I'm a Hufflepuff.
                  I am a Hufflepuff, but I ******** hate yellow.
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Dream House: Gryffindor, but realistically I'm more a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw
Actual (Sorted) House: Hufflepuff
I don't mind being a Hufflepuff, but I really dislike the black-and-yellow scheme we've got going on. I should just dress up as a bumble bee and see if anyone can tell the difference. xD
AccioFeather15570, add me if you'd like
i always liked gryfffindor because of the movies but since i'm a goody two shoes and A student i thought i'd fit in snuggly in ravenclaw. potttermore sorted me into gryffindor though and i was fairly surprised, but i guess that fits as i've changed.
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What was your dream house on Pottermore?------------------ Slytherin (Cuz I love Severus xd )
What house are you in on Pottermore?------------------ Hufflepuff (This house is exactly where I'm supposed to be 3nodding )
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Dream House was Slytherin..
Got Hufflepuff
WizardQueen10133 Add me!

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Rainbow Man-Lover

I was hoping for Ravenclaw and ended up in Hufflepuff. XD
Dream house was Slytherin, and guess what. I GOT SLYTHERIN!
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I'd long assumed I was Ravenclaw, mostly due to unofficial quizes, but I got sorted into Slytherin.

I didn't realize I was so opposed to personally being a Gryffindor until that's where I wound up the first time, haha. But after re-sorting a few times I got Slytherin more than the others, so I'm working to accept it. I think I'd be happy in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw as well, they've all got more room for fleshing out in one's head.
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Did not quite have a Dream House. Thought I would be a Ravenclaw, since that was where most of the quizzes put me. Would have been okay with Hufflepuff. Slytherin was off my radar; did not consider much how I would feel if I got sorted into it. Did not realize how much I would dislike getting sorted into Gryffindor until the Pottermore test.

Likely Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff would be okey. Plx not Gryffindor.

Sorted into Slytherin.
Snakes for the cup!

I definitely loved Gryffindor because of the movies. But through the books I love Ravenclaw. I got into Ravenclaw. 3nodding
When I was younger my dream house was obviously Gryffindor just because the three main characters were sorted into it. But lately it was Slytherin, for many reasons one being because the sexy-a** Draco Malfoy is in that house emotion_drool and I got sorted into Slytherin on both my Pottermore accounts. Add me SeekerMist200
Dream house is Gyffindor but I freakin got Hufflepuff xD
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My dream house is slytherin an I got into...SLYTHERIN xd YAY!! I COULD BELIEVE IT! All my friend were like you more of a Gyffindor but they were WRONG. I WAS SHOCKED TOO

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I always thought I was Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, anything but Gryffindor. I just never thought I was Gryffindor material! Of course, that's what I got on Pottermore. I'm RiverMarauder26432, btw~
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emotion_bigheart I adore Gryffindor, but was sorted into Ravenclaw. My friend, who is an obsessive HP fan, told me that it's possible to have qualities from more than one house and that the test on Pottermore isn't 100% accurate.

She herself has always identified as Slytherin, but got Gryffindor when she took the test and was enraged. She took it again and got Slytherin. People argued that only a true Slytherin would be that pissed off at being sorted into Gryffindor and that she proved herself.

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