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Favorite House

Slytherin 0.34862385321101 34.9% [ 114 ]
Ravenclaw 0.25688073394495 25.7% [ 84 ]
Hufflepuff 0.15596330275229 15.6% [ 51 ]
Gryffindor 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 54 ]
Don't have one 0.073394495412844 7.3% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 327 ]
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Dapper Lunatic

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My dream house was Ravenclaw, I was a hatstall between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.
Pretty obvious which one I chose. emotion_kirakira I'm glad to have Gryffie traits though.

I'm BloodRook5925.
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Hygienic Regular

Wanted Slytherin, got Slytherin.
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Dream house: Slytherin or Ravenclaw
Sorted into: Ravenclaw
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Sparkly Friend

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What was your dream house on Pottermore? Gryffindor
What house are you in on Pottermore? Hufflepuff

But that is okay, the longer I'm in this house the more I see I really am a Hufflepuff. lol

Add me, I'm SilverBat18498
My lack of a friend list makes me sad. lol
I wished I could be a Puff - they're such a warm people, and they always seem to have so much fun without beeing offensive to anyone else (well: most of the time)...
I landed myself in Ravenclaw though it is fun of course but rather cold, on the other hand noone tries to bind me in any way or force me into anything, and people don't put much stress over convenances and things like that - and that's what I love smile .
My dream house was Gryffindor, and I got sorted into Gryffindor and Hufflepuff ^^ I selfishly got two accounts during Beta Testing HAHA LOL, but it was because I was lame and forgot my own password then was lazy to get help, so I made another account, I can't remember the two digits at the end, but it's MarauderMagic---something XD;
CelestialChild's avatar

Swashbuckling Gawker

I didn't have a dream house - I think I saw a piece of myself in all of them. I was sorted into Gryffindor, which I am happy with.
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I wanted to be in huffelpuff, But I got Ravenclaw, and I am kinna happy about it =3 I think I do fit well into that house my user name is Silverlumos25629 feel free to add me if you want heart
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My dream house was Slytherin.
I was sorted into Slytherin! It was a close call between that and Ravenclaw, but I guess my Slyth traits were more prominent.

I'm EchoNiffler27107. Feel free to add me! biggrin
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my dream house was ravenclaw and i got ravenclaw :3 im so happy
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Familiar Bloodsucker

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Always been Slytherin ....... RoseStorm9170 is the username
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What was your dream house on Pottermore?____________
What house are you in on Pottermore?________________

My dream house was Slytherin, but I got sorted into Ravenclaw. Add me my user name is Stormoak31641.
I added you, I'm LeviosaBlood16546. smile
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Fashionable Hunter

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Empty Rice Bowl
My dream house on Pottermore was Gyffindor,and I got into Gyffindor~ c:
I'm MarauderGold3313~
Hope you don't mind, I added you too!
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Fashionable Hunter

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I wasn't sure what I wanted, as long as it wasn't Slytherin.
I got Gryffindor! ^^
I wanted to be in Slytherin, and got it. Though in "real" life, I would hate to be in the snakey house .Everyone seems to be utter bullies. :[

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