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Favorite House

Slytherin 0.34862385321101 34.9% [ 114 ]
Ravenclaw 0.25688073394495 25.7% [ 84 ]
Hufflepuff 0.15596330275229 15.6% [ 51 ]
Gryffindor 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 54 ]
Don't have one 0.073394495412844 7.3% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 327 ]
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dreamhouse was Ravenclaw, but i got sorted into Hufflepuff. either one suited me pretty well, but i think hufflepuff suited me like 100% accurately
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My dream house was Slytherin, but I'd never figured I'd get in. Pottermore actually did put me in it though, so I'm not gunna ask questions. XD
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I ended up in Gryffindor, but I expected to end up in Ravenclaw. But I really wanted to be in Slytherin.
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To be honest I kinda wanted to be sorted into Hufflepuff, I really do like Hufflepuff. They put me in Ravenclaw, which I was also content with.
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My dream house would probably, or is probably, either Hufflepuff or Slytherin ~ Weird, but pretty lucky for me, Pottermore ended up, letting me choose between those two. I picked Slytherin; Even thou, I'd probably would've picked Hufflepuff atm. dramallama
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Questionable Borg

My favorite house is Ravenclaw but I'm not on Pottermore
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My dream house was Hufflepuff but Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin. At first I was devastated but it ended up growing on me and now Slytherin is my favorite, but Hufflepuff is still a close second. 3nodding
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What was your dream house on Pottermore? Slytherin
What house are you in on Pottermore? Slytherin

But I got one of the stuck questions between being a Claw. I knew I would be a Snake or a Eagle.

If you got a stuck question tell me! I'm curious.

EDIT: Stuck questions are questions the program gives you if you are with in two deciding points between houses. A example is, would you perfer to travel to the forest or to the ocean is one of the snake/eagle ones. Would you perfer to watch sunrise or sunset is a lion/badger one.
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May I ask how it let you pick?
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What was your dream house on Pottermore?____________
What house are you in on Pottermore?________________

My dream house was Slytherin, but I got sorted into Ravenclaw. Add me my user name is Stormoak31641.

mine was gryfindor but i got sorted into hufflepuff im gobletoak10
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My dream house was Ravenclaw, and my results were Ravenclaw.
Off topic, I know, but was anyone else wondering what the welcome speech was for the other houses?
add me? NettleDawn10428
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Dream house: Ravenclaw
Real House: Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw
I was a Beta tester, didn't like the testing and the glitches, made a new account when it was publicly released. So... yay, I guess?
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Wanted Hufflepuff
Got Slytherin

Don't remember my sn. sweatdrop
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I wanted Slytherin and I was sorted into Slytherin. twisted
I am ErisedRose7852.

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