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Every trait of his that you disliked about him is pretty much every trait that makes up a boy. Eating too much too fast, dating someone to get back at someone else, getting angry over petty things, feeling like no one understands him... In fact, those are just teenager traits, period. And I don't think he treats hermione badly at all. so what if he went out with lavender? she was the first girl to show any interest in his poor freckley face, why wouldn't he go out with her? if hermione wants ron so badly, she shots birds at him after he kisses his girlfriend, she should have told him, instead of getting angry all the time. and in the fourth book, she does what he does in the sixth book, with krum.
They're teenagers. they are gross, stupid, horny, and kind of just really bad people.

Oh, i can't remember who said that ron was a bully, so I'm just going to reply here. When, exactly, is ron a bully? other then when he was 11, and his ego was all banged up, and he called hermione a know-it-all.

Wait, so your saying all that traits that I've disliked him are the traits that makes up a teenage boy?
So pretty much, you think these traits make up a typical teenage boy:
- eating too fast
- dating someone to get back at someone else
- getting angry over pretty things
-feeling like noone understands him

Well, then why don't the other teenage boys in the HP series act like that? Are they some kind of exception?

Harry doesn't eat too fast, at least from the books it never hinted anything in particular about his eating habits (except he dislikes chocolate after the third book), Harry doesn't date someone to get back at someone else, he never got angry over petty things. You don't see him go sulk in the corner for three days straight just because he came late to class or is hungry. And although Harry feels like noone understands him, he was a pretty good reason why.

Neville doesn't eat too fast from the books, he doesn't even date in the series, and since when did Neville have a temper? I'm pretty sure that Neville also doesn't have that why-does-noone-understand-me sort of outlook.

Seamus and Dean don't eat that fast, Dean's dated in the later books, but I'm not sure about Seamus. Anyway, neither of them apply to the above traits that you say are teenage boys.

So pretty much, the only person who applies to them is Ron. What, are the others not teenagers? Or are the others simply not spoilt brats?

Also, just to get things straight:
Hermione had a sensible relationship with Krum, they genuinely liked each other for their personalities and only kissed once, which was at the yule ball.
Ron never liked Lavender (he made that clear), not even from the start. The only reason why he hooked up with her is to get revenge on Hermione, they constantly kiss/snog in front of people and Hermione, just to get revenge on her and it did actually hurt Hermione's feelings. In the end Ron broke up with Lavender and avoided her completely, disregarding her feelings.
I wouldn't really compare the two of them's relationship because they are entirely based on different purposes, and to different extents.
The character that bothered me most was James.
All I could see him as was a bully and I think why he bothered me so much was because he was suppose to be one of the good guys but I just couldn't really see him as one.
I know he was suppose to have changed and we were suppose to just think he was young and stupid at the time when he bullied and humiliated Snape and regreted it and so on, but I just couldn't get myself to like the character and I couldn't understand why Lily fell for him.

Maybe I'm just very unforgiving =P

The other character who annoys me to no end is Lockhart. He's funny in the films but in the book of The Chamber Of Secrets he drove me mad...

I agree with you when it comes to James. He was the type of guy that I didn't like in school, because he was such a jerk to people. I would also like to know what made Lily fall in love with him.
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Because there are book norms and fanfic norms I've sort of blurred the lines between the two, but I really dislike Ginny because she's so boring...and the relationship between the two doesn't seem to make sense to me idk.
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Ron and Neville. They get more attention and glory than they deserve.
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I mainly dislike Umbridge. No reason needed, obviously.
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I quite disliked most of them, good guys and bad guys. The hate started with the main characters and filtered down into the supporting cast. In fact, it'd be easier for me to tell you which characters I didn't hate. Which was like, one, and even he sometimes annoyed me.

But I suppose I could narrow my dislike down to two. Harry Potter himself and Dumbledore. One was a complete moron, the other was kind of a huge douche. Our heroes everyone. stare I couldn't sympathize with them and I couldn't root for them. It made reading the books very hard. I was sad when Harry didn't die and I was happy when Dumbledore did, except that he managed to be a douche about dying too, so I felt bad for Snape having to deal with it all.
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I DID NOT like Ron in the sixth book. I felt like he was a big hypocrite/jerk for going out with Lavender then avoiding her when she was worried about him. The least he could have done was go up to her and be all "It's not working out sorry bye"
I don't think I disliked any of them. Fleur and Mrs Weasley could be a little trying at times, but what I really appreciated about the Potter series was that every one of them was a realistic person, with their own traits. In a book, you need the set. Umbridge for instance, made book five really interesting. Ron, Harry, Hermione; all just typical teenagers. Dumbledore; not so perfect after all, but we still adore him.

If anything, many of the death eaters were boring. Especially some of the background ones. The slow, insipid ones with stupid accents.

Every character had their moments of being annoying, and being intriguing. Even Hagrid annoyed me from time to time, but he was needed.

I suppose, on that line of thought, that I found Cho Chang to be rather girly and silly. Not sure why people pick on Ginny when there's Cho, with her flowery tea shops, and her tantrums, and her constant insistence on bringing up her ex. I don't hate her exactly, but she had her irksome moments. More than she had any good ones.
Okay, I know I'm gonna get some hate for this, but I always thought Hagrid was so annoying. Anytime they decided to go visit Hagrid, I just wanted to skip the chapter. He's so idiotic and selfish. The Grawp thing alone.
Most people may think I'm crazy, but Luna bugs me so much. She's not funny, or that smart, or useful, or interesting, or even all that nice; she's just weird for the sake of being weird. Say what you will about any other character, at least they have more to them than Luna does.
I dislike no one because they're all an important part of the books smile
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Fleur.. Never.. ever.. eeevvveerrr liked her. She seemed like a snotty, stuck up little french girl.
Bellatrix because she killed one of my absolute favorite characters.
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I hate Umbridge and i don't like Dumbledore, Crabbe and Goyle and Cho scream
i dont like voldemort.. hehehehe burning_eyes

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