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Ginny Weasley
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I know all Ron fans (which is a lot) will probably hate me for this, but one of the characters I dislike the most is Ron, reasons being:

*Disloyal - He's not loyal to Harry, and he's not there when Harry needs him most. Like the time in fourth year and seventh and probably plenty more times in the book that I can't think of at the moment. And where is he when Harry's needing friendship and support? Thinking about himself.
* Gluttony: Ever noticed J.K Rowling's descriptions of Harry and his friends at meal times. They usually go something like this:

"So, do you think Professor Snape really wants to kill Harry?" Asked Hermione, filling her plate with salad and lamb.
"I don't know." Said Harry.
" If he iz he's 'oing a blah-dee good job at showing it," Announced Ron, spraying food all over Harry's robes through a mouthful of chicken.

It's true that Ron's always eating something, nibbling a chocolate frog, he's always described as the one 'loading his plate with _________' at mealtimes and in the sixth book there was this bit where it described Ron waving his sausage around and it flying off his fork and hitting Ernie in the face.
*Arguments with Hermione - I know it takes two to start an argument and it IS Hermione's fault as well but half the time as I'm reading it, I feel Ron's the one being immature and bratty, and I think he treats Hermione like dirt. The way he's always copying homework off her, expecting her to do his homework for him and then criticizing her for doing work.

*Sluttiness - He snogged Lavender pretty much because he hasn't snogged anyone yet and to get revenge on Hermione. Then when Lavender started showing him her emotions through gifts and such, he ran away from her and avioded her even though he's supposed to be her boyfriend. This one doesn't get me as much but I just thought to point it out.

*Attention Issues - (Now this one is the one I really dislike about Ron) Ron's always claiming he's 'overshadowed' and that whatever he does, his older siblings have already done. He's always angry about not getting enough attention and sometimes becomes jealous at Harry because of that. Sure, he has a lot of older brothers but his parents aren't pressuring him to do well at school or beat them or something, noone's pressuring him as far as I read in the books. And his brothers aren't all "oh look I'm this and that, but your not" either. They're just normal supportive (okay minus Percy) brothers and yet Ron complains about them 24/7

And yeah, that concludes my speech thingy about Ron xD (yes I type a lot...forgive me for that)

However the only one thing I like about Ron is that he's not a Gary-Stu (male counterpart of Mary-Sue in case anyone's wondering) because he does have his own problems and faults.
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Umbitch Umbridge! scream

I hated her more than Voldemort himself. The scene where she got hauled off by the Centaurs? twisted Now that was gratifying.
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Remus Moony J Lupin

I see a lot of Ginny hate here, but I have a hard time seeing why. I mean, her attitude toward Fleur was a bit annoying, but I tend to think that Veela bring that out in women almost as much as they bring out the lustful side in men.

I also really don't like Hermione and Wormtail.
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I never could stand Lockheart because he was so fake. He was so concerned with his looks and his fame. He was a liar and he didn't even earn his accomplishments. was so damn happy when Snape got the best of him in that duel. Snape was the character we were supposed to hate, but everytime I see that scene in the movies or read about it in the books. I feel like jumping up and down and screaming. I love you Severus Snape!
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The only character that brings out a blind rage in me is Umbridge but that is common. Other than her the only other character that I really dislike is Lockhart.
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i disliked umbridge stressed
oh and the malfoys-
i would say ginny
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Umbridge and Lockhart.
The character that bothered me most was James.
All I could see him as was a bully and I think why he bothered me so much was because he was suppose to be one of the good guys but I just couldn't really see him as one.
I know he was suppose to have changed and we were suppose to just think he was young and stupid at the time when he bullied and humiliated Snape and regreted it and so on, but I just couldn't get myself to like the character and I couldn't understand why Lily fell for him.

Maybe I'm just very unforgiving =P

The other character who annoys me to no end is Lockhart. He's funny in the films but in the book of The Chamber Of Secrets he drove me mad...
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I've never been a huge fan of Luna
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Book Hermione, Ron, and Harry get on my nerves.
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Peter Pettigrew. My second most hated character of all time. After Glinda the Good Witch not that he's badly written, I just detest his personality,
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Cho Chang.
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I absolutely loathe all the ministers of magic, Voldemort, Gilderoy Lockhart, Dolores Umbridge, and far too many death eaters to name. Although I'll give a hate shout out to the Lestranges.

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