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dandandandandan!!!! he is beautiful and has wonderful bone structure!
I'm gunna have to say heart Remus Lupin heart blaugh
I'm gunna have to say Remus Lupin

-drools- Mmm.. Remus Lupin... You know it hunny!
omigod, lupin was SOOO not hot in POA
neither was serious
he looked like a freakin child molester!!
they spoiled both their wonderful characters

While I agree that neither actor is as hot as their character,..... um, how can someone LOOK like a child molester? Unless you actually SEE them molesting a child, I don't really know what the definition of what someone who molests children looks like. Varies a lot, doesn't it?
Those who DO like Remus and Sirius. What do ya think of me siggys? Huh huh? -clings to them- They are soo teh schmecks..
Tom Riddle is Teh Hawt XD
Personally I think Daniel Radcliffe is hawt. :3 Sean Biggerstaff is up there, too.
The weasley Twins *drools*
Carla Cohan
The secks? Is this some sort of American slang? Okay whatever haha...ermm...tom felton is hot...and the dude who played oliver wood...emma watson will be very pretty. Snape...sexy in fanfics dontcha think?

OK, why do people think Snape is hot?! He's old and looks very creepy stare

OK, why do people think Snape is hot?! He's old and looks very creepy

WHAT?! People think he's hot?! Who teh hell would think he's hot and not Remus or Sirius?
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I'm baaaack!!!

Lucius Malfoy is teh secks, and you know it. There is no denying the sex appeal of that man!

Narcissa Malfoy = Yuum.

Bellatrix Black Lestrange is teh insane secks. YES! I said it! I heart Bellatrix!!! Though...I'm sure everyone already knew that. Anyways, I'm off to my Bella thread to talk about her. xd
he is really hot
hm...I dont think anyone else is that hot malfoy is kinda ok I guess only in certain spots I find though
I shun those who think Gary and David didn't do a good job playing Sirius and Remus.. -shuns- Me no likey you!

I think they did a fine job playing their parts, but it's their parts I hated. I mean, Remus listens to swing music? Isn't he a little young for that? And since when does he have a thing for Lily?!

I just hated the casting director. -_-;

I do love your sig, by the way...*drools*
Draco Malfoy...actor AND character... BOTH are just so the secks.
::drools and hugs plushie, careful not to drool on it::
I wuv dem so... PoA made him look like a weakling though stare And he's not he's just a secksy secksy b*****d! smile
Mister Dragyn
I love you. heart Now we won't have anymore OMG TEH SEX threads.

If not less, I'll have an excuse to move them. wink

Now, back on topic: Sean Biggerstaff...mmmm..... whee
Hold up, hold up. There's a character called Sean Biggerstaff?! WHeRE?!oneeleven! *takes out stack of HP books*

hahaha....that's who plays oliver wood in the movies....and i know what you're thinking.....hahaha thats what my friends and i said too.

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