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Inorganic Loki
How about them twins? Usually I'm not one for a Weasley...I'm more of a Malfoy fan..but there's just something about red headed twins that just beats all.

If only the actors were into twincest...I'd give my soul to see them snog. But, that's just cuz I'm deranged. sweatdrop

Also, I love Tom Felton. I couldn't believe that my dad said "What happened to that Draco kid? Where's that cute little kid from the first two movies??" And then when I told him he got older and hotter, he said "He's ugly!! He's going to be a very ugly man." I just couldn't stand that. *Sniffle* Then he called the twins ugly.

Maybe he was just trying to piss me off. It worked.

Maybe your dad has bad taste in guys...
Harry Potter is love. Not Daniel Radcliffe (though is he is cute), Harry Potter. The actual green-eyed, messy black-haired, sarcastic, brave, angst-ridden Harry Potter written in J.K.'s books. Also, Sirius = heart
I love, forever and always, Rupert Michael Grint. heart

In the books, I really like Harry.
Go Harry! I feel so mad when everyone's having a go at him. Especially the Daily Prophet in OoTP, and always Snape and Draco.
David Thewlis is just too lushcious for words ^ ^
I was going crazy yesterday when he started panting in his transformations *drools* And Im starting to like Gary Oldman too, he is sexy ^ ^
*pokes all the Sirius and Lupin are hawt!111! fangirls with the "but they are" stick*
Rupert Grint ain't bad either wink
Draco Malfoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart
JK actually had other women tell her.. 'That Sirius is sexy, isn't he?'

-drools- heart I'm in love with the book chars of Remus and Sirius.. those are the type of men I'm lookin' for... Meh..
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Remus Lupin is teh HAWT. I can't help it. I'm into the shabby chic. mrgreen
I think Daniel Radcliffe is HAWTZ!!!!
omigod, lupin was SOOO not hot in POA
neither was serious
he looked like a freakin child molester!!
they spoiled both their wonderful characters
Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, DUH. XP

Oh, and Draco Malfoy. ^_^
I love Harry and Draco!
Draco! 3nodding oh oh and Sirius and Remus *hmm* xp heart
I love you. heart Now we won't have anymore OMG TEH SEX threads.

If not less, I'll have an excuse to move them. wink

Now, back on topic: Sean Biggerstaff...mmmm..... whee

Hai, I know! *dreamy sigh* whee

Mister Dragyn
Hold up, hold up. There's a character called Sean Biggerstaff?! WHeRE?!oneeleven! *takes out stack of HP books*

Um...Sean Biggerstaff plays Oliver Wood in the movies... sweatdrop
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((sorry off topic... just got a pink link))

i favor siris...
I shun those who think Gary and David didn't do a good job playing Sirius and Remus.. -shuns- Me no likey you!

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