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Bumping to be sure users can post here!
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I think Hermione Granger is hot, from the start to the end, can't say the same about Emma Watson though. I don't like her hairstyle.
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Barty Crouch Junior. heart
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Ready for the long list? :3
-Tom Felton
-Oliver + James Phelps
-Rupert Grint
-Daniel Radcliffe
-Matthew Lewis

Harry Potter is so awesome.. xd heart
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guize neville emotion_dowant
..but only as Neville...not interested in Matthew lewis too much.. emotion_donotwant

but ron/rupert..pretty awesome
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Matthew Lewis, HNNNNG.

Also, don't think I'm weird but Regulus Black during his Hogwarts years...brooding and angry, yet sensitive and gentle. He's a kind soul who got mixed up and brainwashed.

Oliver Wood is the movies is ******** hot. In the books he seems to bulky for me.
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Fred and George Weasley<3333

Unfortunately, my friend told me Fred would die on the seventh book. Keep it like that, no more spoilers please. I just finished the 4th book a few minutes ago.

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