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I knew Dumbledore was going to die a long time before he did

What's that got to do with anything?
I'm sure Harry knew he was going to die a long time before he did too, didn't stop him from being upset, did it?

Well... he had been slowly diminishing away for a whole book
And since it's just a book, you know there most often is a point to every word written

Or JK just decided to be evil, you'll never now, but I go for the whole evil thing.
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Or JK just decided to be evil, you'll never now, but I go for the whole evil thing.

Nah, the whole rotting hand thing
And Harry noticed he was getting a little weaker every time he saw him
Fred Weasley.
I miss this:

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Fred Weasley. But in the end it was a good book. I wasn't happy with the movies from Azkaban and on but the Hallows part 2 seemed to redeem it for me.
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To me, I was phased by Cedric's quite a bit. I think it was because it really was the first death of a "friendly" character we knew (I realize that B Crouch Sr. died earlier in the book, but we didn't witness that first hand). I felt upset at Cedric's death, but I think the one that just made me upset was Sirius's death. It was the most monumental death in the series, I believe because it was the first character we saw as a father figure die. When Dumbledore died, I feel like Harry was pissed, but maybe was a little jaded from the death of Sirius so that it didn't seem as bad? I feel the same for all the deaths in DH. Since Harry had already gone through the pain of losing Sirius, the others weren't as tragic.

However, we saw Fred's death from a difference perspective, and I will say that one was pretty upsetting ): But Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye, Colin, etc. ...they weren't dwelled upon.

Snape falls into the "dwelled upon category."

I would rank them in this order of how upset they made me:

1) Sirius
2) Snape
3) Dobby
4) Cedric
5) Hedwig

I really feel like these are the top 5 "people" who died that Harry really was upset about the deaths, therefore, I was too. Though I will say, Fred's was ridiculously tragic.
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Jeez... well ,when Sirius died , I was devastated . But I think that the death that saddened me the most was Fred's , it came as shock rally , I guess I should have expected that she would kill off a Weasley , but goddamnit...did it really have to be Fred? I just... I can't believe he's dead , I'm in denial D: T___T
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Sirius BIack Padfoot
Fred Weasley.
I miss this:

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Who doesn't Padfoot? crying
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Snape!!!!!!!!!!!! crying crying crying crying crying crying crying Sadness
Fred crying Somehow that death felt worse to me than the others, probably the whole 'leaving behind a twin' thing. I just felt so bad for George and I didn't see it coming that he'd die.
im with u on that crying
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Fred, Remus, Tonks, Dobby, and Sev.
yeah id say dumbledore. crying
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Sometimes I feel like the only person who cared about Mad-Eye's death. :I Even though it wasn't as monumental as Sirius' or Dumbledore's, it really affected me. Mad-Eye was the epitome is survival and losing him was like.. something unreal. That, and I was rather fond of his character.

But the death that upset me the most.. Fred. I'd be lying if I said it surprised me, but it was just as devastating. Remus and Tonks also upset me, but to be honest, I don't think Remus would have minded much.. Sounds terrible, but whatever.


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Sirius, Fred, and actually when watching the movie I got upset when Voldemort died because it sunk in that it was actually over.

Hedwig! I love birds, since I have my own pet bird. But I also cried a bit when Sirius died, and Snape's death was sad, too. And poor George, on Fred's death. Then there was Tonks and Lupin... And Dobby...

Okay, basically everyone.

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