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I myself is in love with Nevile these days, but I should say I am a loyal to the main three. lol but I don't really know who to choose, because I heart all of them
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I am a diehard Marauders fan myself, so.... Sirius. Yes. Though I also love Tonks, Remus, Lily, and Teddy.
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Remus Lupin
Fred&GeorgeWeasley biggrin
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the weasley bros. bellatrix tonks and of course harry
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Gellert Grindelwald

By the way, do we really need this many favorite character threads? There's another one here.

And here.

Here, too.

One here, as well.

Olawdy. . .


Even moooarrr!


STOP IT!! scream
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Snape and Bellatrix Estrange~
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Voldemort he's desperate coz he doesn't have a nose rofl
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I really love Serius Black, he had become my favourite since i read the third book. I think its his character that did me in lol He's really trying to do the right thing, but he does it in a wrong way, and still somehow ends up being innocent, but held up. He loves Harry, and i think that love changes him - he becomes more of a parent..I think at the end he realizes that Harry is his own person, even though he always makes a reference as to how Harry resembles James a lot
Sirius Black, Neville, Fred & George, Remus Lupin, James Potter, --- I dont like the girls. Only Luna.

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i love harry potter soo much but at the moment i am i love with harry and nevil
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Here are my fave characters in order: Sirius, Remus, Draco (only because i like the actor), Fred and George, and Tonks
Dobby emotion_awesome
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hermione granger and ginny weasley
I love them all its hard to choose :3

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