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NoxStar208 of -*sigh*- Slytherin.
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I'm in Gryffindor... Thought I'd be in Ravenclaw... but my username is JinxFrog189

I'm lovin' this site, but it bothers me that dueling still doesn't work.

.... And that Ravenclaw is currently beating my house by 15 points!!!!!
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tuna lovegood

and my welcome email is yet to come scream

Ditto. neutral Wow, supposed to be allowed earlier than the rest. Big whoop, there's about 11 days left before the general public can attend. stressed
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Name: WillowQueen66
House: Slytherin
House Points: 354
House Rank: 1032
School rank: 3886

I'm an epic potions brewer ;D
Only been on for a week o3o
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Light Soprano
Ravenclaw, FireboltMist193. smile Quote if you add me. That way, I know you're from Gaia and not a 7 year old kid going around friending random strangers (especially since Pottermore is for all ages).

Lol, I added you (willowqueen66, slytherin)
I'm 17, so there's no worries about being a stupid kid adding randoms. xDDD
stealing clyde
Oh no! I may have rejected it... Crap. Send one again?

Sure. smile
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I think I was WingNewt13 but they still haven't mailed me neutral
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FelicisVine19 of Slytherin (:

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