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Greedy Capitalist

Took a quiz that gave me a Dolphin.

******** yeah.
Cute little bunny.
VERY fluffy x3 heart
And cute. biggrin
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Shirtless Sex Symbol

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Slytherin yum_puddi

And mine is a lioness emotion_omnomnom
My Patronus is a Dragon. I am in Slytherine, also have my Pottermore account which I am thrilled about! ninja
Do you know where I can take a quiz about this? smile
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My patronus is a royal eagle... My dad passed away in June but I know he protects me...

The royal eagle was his favourite amongst creatures.
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Wheezing Humorist

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Mine used to be a coyote but it wasn't all that developed. Then I went through this crisis in which I couldn't produce one at all, but after I recovered the lost blood, body weight, and morale, it had morphed into a seal, and the seal works much better.

it's good not to be alone
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Questionable Borg

Too lazy to take the quiz (plus I have to leave to go to work in 2min) but I want a white tiger, that be neat.
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It'd either be a tiger, or something daft like a goldfish or a walrus.
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Mine would probably be a phoenix, the symbol of rebirth and rising from the ashes.

I'm hoping there will be a quiz on Pottermore once we reach Book 3.
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Romantic Man-Lover

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Silver wolf 3nodding
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a dinosaur
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Learned Lunatic

Depends. What do you fear most?
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xX StarKitteh Xx
Fox, or so ive been informed..

i love your signature

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