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Is anyone on gaia a fan of Luna Lovegood? razz I've always loved how random and kind she is. Plus Ravenclaw is amazing! wink
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how can anyone not like luna lovegood biggrin
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lol! smile My brother thinks she stupid sad I love her!
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he's stupid! JK haha but she's the best character in the series! 4laugh
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shes pretty cool biggrin
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I'd hit it
I can't stand her. It's perfectly fine to be different than everyone, but it's rude to continually shove it in everyone's face when it clearly upsets people.
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What I love most about Luna is she's unique without trying to be. She's just always herself no matter what, and I wish I knew more people like that.
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Luna thinks outside the box and doesnt get upset when people make fun of her or hide her things. She is above their cruelty.
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I've always loved Luna's character.

Her back story, for the most part, is so deeply sad and lonely.
Yet, she puts on a happy face and doesn't worry about
pleasing anyone but herself.

I think that's admirable.

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I love her!
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I love Luna!! She's brilliant in that unconventional way. Weird is always a compliment in my book; it means you dared to be yourself no matter how different. And who wants to be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?!
My fifth favorite character in the series. I admire her strength and confidence. She's determined to be herself depite what others think of her.
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She is so calm to talk... I love her! She talk about dar things like they are normal... heart

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