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Sounds like a good movie o:
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I can't wait!!! Ever since I was a kid I've always been to the first showing of every movie. My parents even let me play hooky just to see them!!!!! Things I can't wait to see: Molly Weasley say: "YOU b***h!!!" to Bellatrix
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I like the books but the movies suck.
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I'm excited!!! heart
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I Dont Even Read The Books....
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I wish they would have went into more detail on other characters like Hagrid and Neville
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User Image

βяoτhєя мỳ βяoτhєя
τєℓℓ мє ωhατ αяє ωє ƒíghτíиg ƒoя?
ωє goτ τo єи∂ τhís ωαя
ωє shoύℓ∂ ℓovє oиє αиoτhєя




cαи’τ ωє jύsτ ρяєτи∂
τhís ωαя иvєя βєgαи
ωє cαи τяỳ…
βяoτhєя мỳ βяoτhєя
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Watching it at Midnight screening tonight! Excited! heart
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I can't wait to see it! biggrin
i cant wait to see it! biggrin
O r a l F ii x a t i o n
Watching it at Midnight screening tonight! Excited! heart
me too! biggrin
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1st post!!! I figured it would be good to make my first post showing my excitement about the upcoming movie.

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