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Which is worse?

vashta nerada 0.2 20.0% [ 12 ]
weeping angels 0.48333333333333 48.3% [ 29 ]
daleks 0.15 15.0% [ 9 ]
cybermen 0.1 10.0% [ 6 ]
sontarans 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
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Tipsy Rogue



*submerges self and swims in circles*

*explodes out of the water and dives after Elsmora!*

I haven't been swimming in ages! Mostly because I burn to a crisp. But this is nice. No burny old Sun crisping people here!

I agree. The TARDIS is the perfect party location.
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A friend (the man of many names) and i have started a guild called "The Doctors Army"

it is a new guild, still in the construction phase, but we've established ourselves enough to begin recruiting members.

If any of you would like to join Go Here , or -if unable to do so, as i know can be the case with guild invites- please pm me with your request and i'll be sure to add you.

Thank you for the request
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Lonely Nerd

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-Lotus Anon-
I was alone in a dark playground and started thinking about weeping angels. I freaked myself out

... The fiery one now had thoughts of Weeping Angels and Slenderman in her head, probably wondering which is worse. "Yare yare... What kinda dark playground?"

A simple swing set, slide and climbing frame in a tiny country town at night. No one was there.
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Everyone has to promise me not to tell the Doctor.

I cant promise any thing n.n
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The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. No doubt she was thinking of all the horrors and creepyness that could happen.

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