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Hello everyone, as the Halloween party comes to an end we would like to thank each one of you for your participation. We're wrapping things up and will be closing the part at 7AM, PST.

Hope everyone had a great time and get to meet new friends. Enjoy your special items! wink
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you should of mingled alittle more with us wink

o ya VO is kewl! 3nodding
Awww! crying I hate the end of holidays. Oh well, it was fun! *glomps teh Lanzer-sama*
Darnit....now we'll have to wait until the next holiday to tra-er....say hi to Lanzer. ninja

Thanks for everything, though. ^_^
Man, it was a hell of a time! Can't wait until Christmas! Thanks for the great games and community, all you Go-Gaia staffers. biggrin
It really sucks when holidays is over.. but thanks for everything! We had alot of fun!
Thank you>>>all the people who made this happen!!! I spend at least four hours on Gaia everyday now...thanks to you guys.....

I have no life.....
I had time to go to a party and still get a few items on Gaia, twas much fun indeed this site deserves a donation or two from me 3nodding
that means...about 2 more hours for me to spam like crazy for candy... xd
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Not really, cos you want get anymore. wink
Hi Ho!

Just like give a BIG THANK YOU to all the admins for giving us just a great Halloween! This was my first event in Gaia and I really enjoyed it!!!

Hey! How can you have the party at times when us non-Americans are still asleep?? That's unfair!!
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It was fun I think..there were too many people online for my slow connection to help me get anything. redface
as is with all fun this...All Good Things..must come to an end, which is unfortunate, but with out it being a total loss everyone had fun and now we know what to look forward, if not more so, to next year. It was nice to experience Halloween in a new way, with new, fresh and ever so loveable people. Let's make the rest of the year and other holidays just as memorable.
Yes-yes, thanks for the holiday Lanzer! ^^ 'Twas fun.

Yeees... everyone wants to marry/rape Lanzer... sniff.. The sad thing is, that's quite possibly true. XD sweatdrop AHH!

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