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Nope, I don't have one, sweets. But there's a time and place for everything, and this is neither the time nor the place. :3
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ehh.. i dunno. the last time i dressed up, i was a kid. ive been a tellytubby, cheerleader, and dorothy. but im GOING to be alice. smile
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Best costume?
Well. For me it was best Make Up.
I looked really scary. Like the Joker.

Was made of boredom.
I think if you just take this and that in like 5 minutes, you'll have the best or most outstanding
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Freddy Krueger, claw and all ^_^
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a creepy witch
i got like the whole package dramallama
I was a hugee pumpin or tigger , I lovee ti-gg-errrr heart heart heart heart
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      A headless person.
      Made a shoulder-like frame of cardboard with a hole in for my head, and put it on my shoulders. Then, put an over sized adult shirt on it.
      Just slip the arms of the shirt under my chin and wa-la; headless person. xD

      Looked pretty much like this w/o the blood xD :
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a punk rock divea biggrin
Me and my two friends were major gangsters. We sagged, chilled in gigantic hoodies, "grabbed our twinkies and rolled", pretended to be drunk so good some high schoolers actually thought we were drunk guys..we tricked them too and they almost chased us back to our house..they got so scared..
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This year,
I'm going as Alice.
From the game Madness Returns.

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the best halloween costume i've ever worn was a cowboy costume biggrin
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Hipster Pokemon trainer lololol
Military madness! It was awesome! I had combat boots Ripped and resewn tights strapless zip up green dress dog tags and a leather jacket...It was great fun . 3nodding

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