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What was the best Halloween coustume you've ever worn? I have lots of favourite halloween coustumes, The best and popular coustume I've ever say was: Mario & Luigi I've accualy say a beer bottle coustume that you could really drink out of! Now what is your favourite coustume you've worn?
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dead bride
freaky Hannah Montana
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punk goth biker ninja
[If your life had a face...]

I love Halloween, every year I see better and better costumes. Though, last year I met someone who dressed up as a medic from Team Fortress 2, and her med-gun pack thing shot out rum+coke. It was fantastic, creative, and a huge hit at the party!

[...I would punch it.]
Killer Clown
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This one. rofl
I was an SS officer. Pretty great.
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Cheshire Cat was, and still is my favorite costume (:
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A Na'vi from Avatar. biggrin heart
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Umm... I don't really think that was necessary, and was actually rather rude. Please don't say things like that, there's no place for random hating on any forum, kthx.

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