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What do you enjoy most about Halloween

Dressing up! 0.32231404958678 32.2% [ 39 ]
Partying! 0.16528925619835 16.5% [ 20 ]
Scaring people! 0.16528925619835 16.5% [ 20 ]
Candy! 0.28099173553719 28.1% [ 34 ]
Other (please post) 0.066115702479339 6.6% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 121 ]
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scaring people is fun hehehe biggrin biggrin
I remember when i'd scared my sister lol lol
hahahahhaha rofl rofl rofl rofl
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Of course i am the Halloween Queen!!! heart
I think it should be candy
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I voted "other (please post)" The things I enjoy most on Halloween are 1: I get to dress up how ever I want,chase people around with a weapon and not get arrested whee 2:I still look like an 11 year old so I get candy still HA HA! 3:I get to party my a** off and the best for last NUMBER 4:I work at HOUSE OF SHOCK!!!!!I get to scare people,plus after we party like mad men.drinking,free bands food ect ect.!!
please stop by and visit our house of shock page on face book...I know you have one so don't try and say "i don't" check us out,stop in and visit us for Halloween twisted people are dieing to come see us. smile no really we gave two people heart attacks already and one of them did die lol.I know terrible thing to laugh at but that is just how good we are. wink enter at own risk
dressing up with costumes lol 4laugh
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xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen ninja ninja burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes mmm.........shitballs and dynomite can b explosive and scary and dangerous wen next to wen exploding .......thx u xd neutral neutral
I enjoy everything about halloween, from the scaring, to the candy, to the costumes.... all of the above! Including the Zombie march in sliver spring
scaring the living s**t out of your siblings and friends
being whoever u wanna be
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Mathesaurus Rex
Scaring people. biggrin
Plotting is fun.

I agree with this and would like to add that its funny getting scared as well. Plus its the one day a year when nobody looks at you funny for dressing up. another thing is we celebrate the day of all saints and the day of the dead so holloween is like a three day holiday for me. xd
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1. you get to dress up the the creater you've always wanted to be or dress up smexy for that special some one wink

2. FREE CANDY!!! blaugh

3. Partyz!!! xd

4. Scaring people twisted

5. The one day/ mounth i can be that crazy, scary, spooky person i am with out being judged. lol

6. I let my creative darkside on the loose. burning_eyes

7. I can wear my favorite things with out people thinking i'm emo/goth cool

8. I plan ALL YEAR for this so it is always a blast. 3nodding

9. i get to watch more scary movies/ halloween based movies then usual lol

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Hard to chose...but I seriously plan my outfit a month in advance so im voting for that one!! xp
[If your life had a face...]

I'm a huge fan of the costumes. Honestly, I wish Halloween was once a month. But then again I guess the novelty would wear off ad it would get expensive. I always go all out with my outfits.

[...I would punch it.]
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i say dressing up. ive always been a dressup/cosplay nerd... it gives me an excuse to wear something out of the ordinary 4laugh
I LOVEEE CANDYY heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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