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What was your most favorite costume that you have worn on Halloween?

Mine was an Evil Dead Fairy
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Mine would have ta be Madusa xd mrgreen
Mine would be THE DEVIL twisted With a twist of ripped wings burning_eyes
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I don't think I have a favorite Halloween costume sweatdrop sorry, but if I were to pick one off the top of my head, it would have to be the Witch Costume my mom made 4 me a long time ago smile
mine would have to be a whomp! You can see the costume here... I REEAAAAALy want to make one like this? Anybody know how to make good costumes??

Mine is Catholic school girl,is the hottest costume ever.It drives men crazy.You can buy a little plaid skirt,wear a t-shirt,top it off with thigh-highs and some heels.

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My favorite would have to be my Zombie Vampire Pirate outfit.
mine was my punk outfit
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I think I was a demon slayer
Arachne 3nodding
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Mine would have to B The Grim Reaper... hehe I had Skeleton dragon wings.
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I was Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.
I did it almost all by myself! Except for the elf ears and leotard, I made it myself. Here's how you can make one:

(See next post, not enough room LOL)
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- Rubber elf ears in your skin tone (you can get them at costume stores)
- Spirit Gumâ„¢ (also at costume stores)
- Silver ribbon
- Thin bendable wire
- A silver clasp for a cloak or coat
- White velvet-like fabric
- Strechy white fabric
- A white leotard

Take the strechy white fabric and cut out a circular hole that fits the waits of the leotard, then trim the fabric to make a larger circle, so the fabric looks like a doughnut. The length from the edge of the inner circle to the edge of the outer circle should be about how long you want the skirt to be. Sew the circle onto the waist of the leotard, and use some of the silver ribbon as a belt (and to hide the hem xd ). This is your dress.
To make the crown, take enough silver ribbon to wrap around your forehead. Carefully work the wire through the ribbon so you can bend the ribbon. Sew the ribbon circlet closed. This is your circlet/crown.
For the cloak, look for instructions online. (I honestly can't remember how I did mine.) Use the clasb as a means to close the cloak. This is your cloak/cape.
As for the ears, just use the Spirit Gumâ„¢ to attach them, following the instructions on the package. And now you have your costume!

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