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I don't think so. Like some people like to dress up and get candy when they are older. Like my friend is 16 and she still trick or treats. We both dress up in funny and cool things and still get candy. So I really don't think there should be a age limit. heart
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does it rlli matter how old u have to be to go trick or treating?
, NOOOOO. BECAUSE IF ADULTS HAVE HALLOWEEN PARTY'S AND DECK THERE HOUSE OUT, FOR OTHER GUESTS TO COME OVER TOO, THEN NO WAAAAAAAAAAY cheese_whine wahmbulance wahmbulance dramallama cheese_whine cheese_whine cheese_whine heart mrgreen burning_eyes burning_eyes SHOULD HALLOWEEN HAVE AN AGE LIMIT AT ALL. I WILL PARTY TILL IM AM 6FEET UNDER.
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12 was the highest age of trick or treating that I did before I felt stupid doing it. stare
there is no age limit lol scream
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I do think there should be an age limit(about 21 would be good) to trick or treat but that doesnt mean you shouldnt dress up!
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I say no age limit. last year my 19 year old friend and me dressed up and went trick-or-treating with my little nice and we got tons of candy plus some old ppl who live down my street gave us king sized candy bars 'cuz we dressed up xd
My little nices' cousins didn't dress up and went trick-or-treating too ( they're about 13-15 years old) but they didn't get the king sized bars...jejeje blaugh
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i think there should be no age to trick or treating
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12 was the highest age of trick or treating that I did before I felt stupid doing it. stare

dude that is kinda how i feel but yet again when it's all over it was SOOO worth the free candy 3nodding
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Ahaha, why should there be a limit?
I'm 20 and I still go trick or treating!
That's free candy dude! And plus I love cosplaying <3
But for me, Halloween parties serve as the same purpose, if not funner than trick or treating =)


Life would B♭.
NO AGE LIMIT 0-10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 biggrin
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Okay, I know this is REALLY late but I agree in the fact that there should not be an age limit on trick or treating. If people think you are to old they just won't give you candy, but use your common sense, I go every year (I'm still pretty young) and get less and less and will soon just go buy a bag of candy and get more then I would have gotten just walking around in the cold.

I have to agree with you there, I am 19 and am no longer able to go, because a work, but I wish I could go! I still dress up, but we have a after work gaming party. smile whee
no there shouldnt be an age limit. is there an age limit on having fun? no. trick or treating is for every what ever their age group. little kids go for the candy, teens go to hang out with friends and dress up in ridiculous/funny costumes, adults would either go bcuz of their kids or just for feeling the thrill of being a kid again. its just one full day to go crazy with making or buying costumes and dress up as a fav character or just to scare the pants off ppl and even better...you get candy!

its just a day to be able to dress up ridiculously and pig out on sweets and no one would think bad of it.
Putting an age limit on trick or treating in my opinion if mediocre. I mean, when I was a kid Halloween was about getting scared but having fun. I remember running around through neighborhoods at night and everything looked amazing! The lights, sounds, glowing costumes, just everything was great but spooky at the same time. You cant grasp that in the day time and knowing that soon your time is up...its just pathetic. Kids deserve to have fun.

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