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Ryuu-no-Taisho's avatar

Distinct Hunter

20,800 Points
  • Vicious Spirit 250
  • Restorative Spirit 250
  • Demonic Associate 100
Ryuu-no-Taisho used Shield Bash against Extrics...It hit for 15 points of damage!
DragonQueenSori used Dagger Strike against Extrics...It hit for 12 points of damage!
Gintsumi used Dagger Strike against Little Dead White Girl...It hit for 8 points of damage!
w o c i i n w a T used Dagger Strike against Latopazora...It hit for 8 points of damage!
Extrics's avatar

Omnipresent Gawker

Extrics used Mystic Wand against Anurla-VQS...It hit for 10 points of damage!
YourAzureGoddess's avatar

Prodigal Pants

YourAzureGoddess used Mend against Mr-Potchie-...It was successful and healed 22 points of damage.
Jezriel Hasuzawa's avatar

Invisible Dabbler

19,800 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Bookworm 100
  • Fusion Expert 300
Jezriel Hasuzawa used Mend against Reginald Kirby...It was successful and healed 22 points of damage.
Lilacio's avatar


18,400 Points
  • Friendly 100
  • Champion 300
  • Full closet 200
Lilacia used Mystic Wand against Purple pants 100...It hit for 18 points of damage!
Glugbug's avatar

Thieving Rogue

9,600 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Athlete 50
  • Autobiographer 200
Glugbug used Dagger Strike against eTokio x...It missed and eTokio x counterattacked for 8 points of damage!
Wannabe_Marysue's avatar

Fluffy Streaker

14,350 Points
  • Clambake 200
  • Sausage Fest 200
Purple pants 100 used Dagger Strike against CG carcinoGeneticist...It hit for 8 points of damage!
vtter's avatar

Wynter Nyx's Partner

C r s y l used Healing Strike against Mr-Potchie-...It was successful and healed 20 points of damage.
Mondlicht-Zero's avatar

Invisible Hunter

9,350 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Battle: Rogue 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
Mondlicht-Zero used Dagger Strike against Hello Turtle...It hit for 13 points of damage!
Nemora's avatar

Jeering Codger

Nemora used Dagger Strike against mama_bearr...It missed and mama_bearr counterattacked for 8 points of damage!
Watervoir's avatar

gum disease's Husband

Dangerous Friend

Watervoir used Decay Strike against Extrics...It missed and Extrics counterattacked for 16 points of damage!
Latopazora used Hacking Slash against Valtreya...CRITICAL HIT! Valtreya took 21 points of damage.

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