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Happy Halloween! The killer will be revealed today...how do you feel about that?

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What's going on? 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 1 ]
It's a murder mystery. Pay attention. 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 6 ]
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Shameless Nerd

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    Welcome to the The Black Lace and Rose Prince Appreciation Guild very special Halloween Event thread! Because if there's anything we love as much as a sexy anon, it's probably Halloween! Here you will find all sorts, the lusty, cute, dangerous and even some people who claim to be 'normal' (whatever that means). We welcome everyone here.

    Feel free to stay and chat, anon, lurk, rp and maybe even solve a murder. We love all anons here and encourage you to share letters and post your replies. We're dying to meet you!

    So kick back, relax, and enjoy the thread!

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    Shameless Nerd

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    It was a dark and stormy night, perfect for Minty's plans, she and the other Black Lace and Rose Prince Appreciation Guild crew had been planning this Halloween bash for two months. No detail had gone unnoticed, no expense had been spared. The Creeper Guild had generously allowed them to rent the Creeper Mansion for the night of fright.

    Minty was on the grounds doing last minute checks, making sure the gates squeaked, the refreshments were laid out, the ghosts were suitably spooky. Running down a list on her clipboard, checking everything twice, she let a smile of satisfaction slide onto her face. Everything was perfect and ready to go, all that was missing was the guests, who should be arriving any moment.

    Speaking of which, she spied the first arrival already...


    The sexy anon thread guests began arriving alone or in groups, the party was in full swing. Gypsy_Kt, Unno Rokuro, and Froggie Doll were having a great time hosting the guests...but someone was missing...where was Minty?

    There was a blood curdling scream from one of the guests. The thread hosts rushed over to see what was causing their guest distress, and that's when they saw it. One gore covered high heel peeking out of the shadows, they had finally found Minty...or what was left of her.


    Our Story Thus Far

    Minty had been discovered dead at the sexy thread's Halloween party! After a few ghostly antics, things settled down into a serious search for her killer. The thread-ians discovered clues along the way, but alas, the list of suspects only continues to grow!

    The Rose Prince showed up, in morning...and his jealous and angry wife, Criminal With A Code stormed in shortly after. Originally it seemed he had an alibi for the time of Minty's death, in that he was with his wife, but it turns out this was not so! He had been with Minty, helping set up for the party! (and since when does Prince get his hands dirty doing anything?) Suspicions flew, arguments were had! Secret discussions took place behind closed doors. The Lady Evangeline seemed to have worked something out, and confronted Criminal in the kitchen...only to be killed by the very same murderer who had snuffed out Minty! Rattled, the thread-ians rallied together to search for clues. The killer grew bold and began mocking them with threatening notes! It turns out they are not a fan of the kinky lifestyle. Temptress unfortunately, wandered off on her own only to fall prey to the murderers knife. Shortly after, darling Harmonious Fusion found an ink bottle left by Lady Evangeline in the kitchen and was slain! Was the killer covering their tracks?

    Fearing for everyone's safety, the ink bottle was moved to the hall, where no one could be alone with it. While searching for clues in the kitchen, Harmonious arose from the grave to avenge her own death.

    The next morning, Caedere was discovered by The Rose Prince, murdered in her room. He bore the bad news to the party, still looking for clues. Dusks Wolf suggested the killer must have some way of moving around the Creeper Mansion without being seen, and so it was decided to look for a secret passage!

    Meanwhile, Prince sought for himself some peace and quiet to morn Cae in his own way, when he found a note slipped into his pocket by the killer threatening his beautiful (and suspicious) wife! Off he went on a quest of vengeance.

    The thread-ians discovered a secret passage, but before they could explore it, Harmonious came running in telling them Prince had been found, battered, bruised and barely breathing! His wounds were stabilized thanks to the efforts of Nyx Avalon, Rose and Mistletoe.

    Sadly, Mistletoe had been unaware of her mother's (Temptress) death (although it affects demons differently) and was up-swept into her most horrible form of nature's wrath, hellbent on finding the one who would injure her dear momma. Unfortunately, Misty and Dusks had a differing opinion of what was a priority and a fight broke out between the two! It ended with Dusks running off into the night...it seems in the grip of her mysterious curse...

    Minty insisted on staying by Xavier's side, sending Mistletoe and Rose to explore the secret passage, knowing Rose would be safe in Misty's care. She was worrying over Prince when who should walk in, but Prince's ex-husband, Dreamer! Minty greeted him, Prince stirred...and the story continues...


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    The Finale

    Greetings and Salutations my fellow threadians! And a very haunted Halloween to you! The clock is ticking on the prizes, correctly guessing who the killer is will only net you a gift until 12 pm PDT, October 31st (that's when Gaia refreshes for the day and you see the Daily Chance carts for all you non-west coasters). After that, it's just the satisfaction of solving the case!

    But with the thread so hot on the heels of the killer, what will happen? The final votes are in as to where you think Minty will end up. And it was close, lemme tell you what. Minty the ghost will say her last good-byes tonight, maybe she still has a clue or two to give away to the keen detective?

    Will Cae, Ves and Luna manage to revive Cae's body before it's too late?

    What about Dusks Wolf's mysterious curse?

    Rosie, Mister Monster Guy and Mistletoe are hot on the heels of...someone! Is it the killer?

    Will Mistletoe get the revenge she wants for Temptress's death? Will she ever return to the happy marshmallow eating fae we once knew?

    What does Monster know that he's not telling? Will he get his vengeance for Lady Evangeline's death?

    And oh my gosh, drama ahoy! Prince Xavier is still heavily injured and both his current wife AND his ex husband have shown up to help! Is there a healer in the house? And maybe a referee? You gotta be sitting on the edge of your seat to see what will happen there. Who beat up the prince, anyways? Was it the killer? Or is there another game afoot?

    Speaking of our murderer, what will happen to them once they are discovered? Revenge? Death? Justice? Escape into the night to kill again?


    Final Act

    He was here. She had greeted him spoken to him. His very presence made all the memories of Minty's death come rushing back...

    The Serial Killer Anon
    She was such a slut.

    I was watching, you see. I watched for months. I saw every event, the way she would throw herself from anon to anon, practically dangling herself in front of them for their uses. It was disgusting.

    I had to do something.

    She was preparing for the event when I caught her alone. Running over some last minute checks and rushing around dressed in some scantily clad outfit as usual. It made my blood boil.

    Not to mention it had been so long. So long.

    Two years…

    She saw me waiting; I wasn’t exactly being inconspicuous. The girl was a friendly soul and thus walked over, introduced herself and we had a brief conversation. I convinced her to leave the room and walk down a corridor with me.

    Then it began.

    I leaned forward and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back and she spun into my arms as though were dancing. How sickening. Already she was treating me like so many before, as though I was one of them.

    I was ready though and had angled my blade so she spun right into it. It cut through her abdomen so easily. Her face immediately changed at the sharp pain and tears of confusion and agony began to form in her eyes.

    Why….? She asked.

    I sneered. Why? I responded and laughed, it was cruel and echoed along the hallway. Because you deserve this.

    I twisted the dagger further and finally pulled it out altogether. She slumped forward, falling onto me and I leaned back against the wall before sliding down to the floor with her. Her blood was all over my cloak and a pool gathered on the floor.

    Shhhh… It’s alright… I whispered as I cradled her shivering, bleeding form and she whimpered as the realisation that this wasn’t a game truly hit her. She was going to die.
    Eventually she went limp in my arms and I carved my trademark X but this time I carved it on her tongue. The very tongue which had been used on so many men and women alike. It was symbolic of her crimes.

    There I left our poor beloved Minty. Her foot dangling out of the shadows covered in a once beautiful but now scuffed and dirty high-heeled shoe.

    It was the most attractive she had ever been.

    "So it was you, all along. You killed me, and all the others." The air around Minty was very still, and very cold. Righteous wrath filled her soul. All this time, this death and this pain and here he was, Serial Killer. Revealed to everyone, villain that he was. "Now that I know who you are, I can finally rest. But you? I think it shall be a very long time before you're able to rest peacefully indeed. There are many here who will make sure of that." Minty said, gesturing to her friends gathered in the hall.

    "Were I you, sir, I might start running." Minty suggested. Knowing his identity was revealed, and that her friends would make sure he got his just rewards for his deeds, Minty felt a great inner peace.

    It was then she saw the door. Free standing in the middle of the room where no door had any right to be. It was simple, humble even, but it thrummed in the environment with a finality Minty could not deny.

    "It seems, my friends, this shall be our last good-bye." Minty smiled at the gathered company, and waved at them. "I hope that you will be as good to each other as you were to me, and I'm sure we'll all meet again...someday."

    Gripping the knob tightly, Minty swung the door wide and walked into the light.

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    Shameless Nerd

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    How to Play

    1. Stay and chat! Clues to who murdered Minty will be sent out to people in both The Black Lace and Rose Prince Appreciation guild thread (aka Sexy Anons) AND The Creeper Guild thread (aka Creepy Anons). The chances of receiving a clue will raise dramatically if you're active in either or both of these threads!

    2. The clues you receive will be in the form of anonymous messages that will give you a letter of the alphabet. Collect the letters and unscramble them to reveal the identity of the killer! If you're not sure if the message you received is from the murder mystery or if someone is just yanking your chain, you can ask any of the thread hosts in either thread. They know what's up because they're cool beans like that.

    3. If you think you know who the killer is... go to sexyanonwhodoneit.tumblr.com and enter the killer's name (the password is no spaces, all lowercase). If your guess is correct, follow the instructions on the tumblr to receive your prize!

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    Shameless Nerd

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    Remember, in the event of a zombie invasion, follow all posted signage

    Expected Behavior

    1. Please remember that all content should follow the Gaia ToS, sexy messages not explicit ones. Keep it PG kids.

    2. Talk! We're friendly and I swear we don't bite...unless you want us to.

    3. Want to try anoning? Go for it! Everybody loves an anon letter

    4. Everyone has their favorite anons (we sure do!) and that's okay. We love extolling the greatness of the ones who make our hearts go pitter-pat. But please oh please don't make disparaging comments about anyone, anons or otherwise.

    5. The Rose Prince and Black Lace are kinky/creepy anons, so we usually see quite a few of these sorts lurking our thread. If you don't enjoy these kinds of messages please don't post in this thread.

    6. We really are here to talk, and look forward to meeting with you! It's just hard to start a conversation if all you're posting is 'bump' or emoticons. Please, use your words!

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    Shameless Nerd

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    Meet the Suspects:

    Minty Andee: Thread hostess-turned murder victim. Minty was a sweet (if not innocent) girl found brutally murdered during the opening of the Halloween bash. Was it murder, or maybe she was trying to secure the title of "hostess with the mostest" by staging an elaborate ruse for the guests to enjoy.

    Froggie Doll: Thread hostess for the sexy anon thread. Froggie was far and away when Minty was killed, or was she? Froggie has been helpful so far...perhaps too helpful...

    Gypsy_Kt: Innocence wrapped in ribbons, Gypsy is far too sweet to hurt a fly. Or maybe that's what she wants you to think.

    Unno Rokuro: Adorable and sexy, Unno is more likely to flash some flesh than to stab it...isn't he?

    Anon Caedere: An anon thread regular, Cae and Minty seemed to have a complex relationship of stabs and kisses. Perhaps one game of "kiss my boo-boo and make it better" was taken too far?

    Criminal with a Code: The Rose Prince's blushing bride, not much else is known about this beautiful and mysterious girl. Although she may have recently unearthed a cache of steamy love letters Minty had sent to her darling husband. There was enough in those correspondence to make any wife feel a little stabby.

    The Rose Prince: Recently married and retired anon. Prince is known for his knife work, but he'd never take it that far...would he? Besides, he seems much too broken up to have been the killer.

    Ayame "Aya" Suzu: A beautiful cat maid, eager to please and be petted. She seems innocent, but a black cat on Halloween? Perhaps she knows more about this murder than she lets on.

    The Last Dance Anon: Minty's been seen spending a lot of time with his sweet little girl, Mistletoe Anon. Any father would be concerned if a known flirt and deviant was spending time with their child, wouldn't they? It might even be worth killing over.

    Assassin Anon: aka "Sarang", "Bitter's Mate", Minty's meetings with Bittersweet has ended with a closed bedroom door more than once. Much to Sarang's displeasure. A known assassin and has tried to kill Minty before, did she finally succeed?

    Vesraen: Minty's partner in crime in almost all things. But you know the old saying "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead"? Did Ves kill Minty to keep her from spilling the beans on something?

    Check back regularly! There are more players in this game of murder that have yet to be revealed...

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    Shameless Nerd

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                                  F.A.Q. ☠


                                            Q: Didn't Black Lace retire?

                                            A: Yes, but he came out of retirement over Christmas of 2012, proving conclusively that there is a Santa Claus since you know he was at the top of everyone's wishlist. Although he is still a rare site, like unicorns and double rainbows!

                                            Q. What about the Rose Prince? Where is he?

                                            A. Sadly, Valentines Day 2013 was Prince's last event. After two years of keeping Gaians warm at night, he lives the (relatively) quiet life in the Rose Kingdom with his blushing bride. He makes the occasional visit back, but seems content with his lovely wife. We hope to see many little princes and princesses pitter pattering their little feet around the royal grounds someday.

                                            Q: What is an Anon?

                                            A: An Anon or Anonymous Benefactor is someone who gifts other Gaians selecting the 'anonymous' option. Most choose to have their own persona and are developed characters, such as the Rose Prince or the Temptress. Many Anons have accounts and will occasionally show up in the threads and chat. Anons are not Gaian NPCs. They are community members written by real people.

                                            Q: Okay, but how do I find them?

                                            A: You don't find anons, they find you! Just start up some friendly conversation with the folks in the thread and you're bound to catch their eye sooner or later. Some anons even take the time to chat it up in the forum! Also making sure you thank the anons who send you messages is a good way to make sure you get anon'd again. The people behind anons put in a lot of hard work and like to know they're appreciated.

                                            Q: How do I send an Anon message?

                                            A: How to Anon in 10 Easy Steps

                                            Still have questions? Quote one of our thread hosts for help!
                                            Currently our thread hosts are: Minty Andee, Gypsy_Kt and Froggie Doll
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    Shameless Nerd

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    Shameless Plugs!
    Get it? Plugs? 'Cause Frankenstein's monster has neckbolts? Hee hee hee, I kill myself.

    User Image

    The Black Lace and Rose Prince Appreciation Guild is expanding it's focus to include all sexy anons. So if you're a lusty anon, or a die hard fan of the letters steaming up your inbox, we invite you to join us!

    User Image

    The Creepers are one of the oldest running threads and guilds for anons! It's also the birthplace for Black Lace, so, you know, recognize! You can join in their Halloween fun here.

    User Image

    The Mysterious Anons are a happenin' thread, arguably the most popular anon thread going! Why don't you join the merriment? You can find the dears over here.

    Want us to plug something for you shamelessly? Send Minty Andee a PM with your info!

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    Shameless Nerd

    An ethereal figure appears in haunting white. The remains of a Halloween costume flutter around the figure in a wind that isn't there.

    "Well, I guess I'm dead, but the tread is open for posting!"
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    Shameless Nerd

    You look around the war torn streets filled with the blood from the previous battle and lets out a great sigh. Once again the different gods that reside on Gaia are fighting, and calling in their factions to help resulting in great bloodshed. You look down at the mark on your wrist with a slight grimace, for not even you are immune to these sides and must answer the call to arms. As you sit pondering the fancy of fate a small scuffling noise emits from a pile of fallen rubble on your left and you immediately fear an attack from enemies again. With grim determination you decide to get a jump on this battle and start scaling the pile ignoring the dust that settles on your clothes. As you reach the top and peer down you do not see the expected Gaians about to attack but rather a White Rabbit. He was dressed in a faded red waistcoat and had a silver pocket watch in hand. But what caught your attention was the silver alloy that covered his body, it over laid his fur in random places on his legs and arms and one ear was fully coated in it. Around his left eye this metal formed a backwards c and looked almost like a monocle was fused to his skin. He was muttering something and you had to strain your ears to listen &��Oh I&��m late I&��m so very late, She will have my skin for sure!&�� with that he ran past you not even glancing back and headed through a small crack in the wall. You take a step after him and something silver has caught your eye, thinking it could be a weapon you pick it up to find that it is the pocket watch the rabbit had.
    What will you do
    4. Follow him and return it
    5. Or leave him be

    ~White Rabbit

    "Well, I guess I'm already dead, what harm could there be?" Minty sticks her tongue out in sheer concentration and manages to pick up the pocket watch. Managing that task, she floats off in the direction he went to return the item.
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    Witty Raider

    14,300 Points
    • Survivor 150
    • Invisibility 100
    • V-Day 2011 Event 100
    found you!
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    Angelic Star

    Excellent! It has begun. emotion_dowant
    FireKattana's avatar

    Lonely Lover

    This seems like a FANTASTIC idea!
    I'm looking forward to it!

    Sorry to hear you died.

    The Rose Prince Anon's avatar

    Desirable Sex Symbol

    It was quite apparent the Prince wasn't his usual self. After all, when had he ever been seen with so little red on? A black cape, black rose, he was definitely in mourning.

    News travels fast and as soon as he'd heard he had come right away without a second thought to anything - or anyone - else. He hadn't even notified his wife on where he was off to, he had just gone and left.

    "She was so young and so beautiful..." He said sadly as he entered the ballroom, it was only the beginning and hardly anyone had arrived yet. Nonetheless, he was there to mourn his Minty.
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    Sparkly Shounen

    -Appears from around the corner and joins everyone-

    Hello everyone~
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    Shameless Nerd

    Dusks wolf
    found you!

    "So you did! But it's too late. Nothin' but dead bodies and ghostly spirits left here."

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