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"Those who fear the darkness...

Auron chuckled heartily, his mood had taken off towards the heavens. Malice's waking and the usual sudden influx of activity the manor was so famous for had lifted his spirits. In the moment it felt as if no time had passed at all, so content he was that nothing else seemed to matter.

"It seems to me dear Malice, that your presence has awakened this dreary place." he motioned out towards the room as he set both arms around his lover. A look of exuberance was etched into his features, pure joy radiating from his very being as he could no longer suppress another cheerful laugh. Auron pushed his lip towards her once again, planting a tiny peck on her cheek. "I have missed you terribly, I am thrilled you're back my love." he admitted in a whisper just loud enough for her ears.

Auron lifted his gaze momentarily, a smirk cast towards Oreo. It had been a long time since he had seen the man, especially longer since he had seem him so...sane. Lifting a hand he gave a quick wave and a nod of his head. "It's good to see you well, it's been far too long." he confessed.

have no idea what the light can do."

Lillian walked in, her footsteps quieter than a mouse. That's what she got, some would say, for dying and coming back as a creature made of shadows. Everything looked different, or maybe that was only because she was looking through different eyes.

Scanning the room, she noticed many new faces. But she walked towards the familiar voices and found Oreo along with Malice and Auron. She gave them a smile and curtsied.

"Many changes have taken place in our home since I was alive," she stated to them, then added, "somewhat alive." She gave a kind smile.
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Laura had been in the hall, debating on whether or not she wanted to leave. "Father said he wanted me to go... Not that I had to go." she thought. Arguing with herself silently, her thoughts where broken with the sound of voices. "Lillian?" she muttered.

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Lillian Rayne
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He lit up a smoke and sat down. As soon as he sat down his phone rang. "Just a sec I got to take this." He said as he started speaking Spanish very rapidly into the phone. He finished the phone call and stood up. "I gotta go. Some demon is being a pest and looks like Oreo has to clean up after everyone. Swear to god people are retarded these days." he said as he walked towards the door and disappeared.
"No she not I'm just here to make sure that she stays safe. I rescued her from some wolves earlier when I heard her shout for help." The elven man relaxed a little this demon was one of the more reasonable ones. He was glad that this didn't turn into a fight. "Oh, Seras you Oatmeal is ready"
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Seras's eyes lit up. "Really? Yay!" she bounded off to Lilly in the kitchen. Pulling herself into a chair, she smiled broadly as Lilly handed her the bowl. "Thank you, Lilly! Thank you, too, Helios!" she called to him cheerily. Making sure her rabbit was in her lap, she gripped her spoon, and blew on it before taking a bite. "Mmmm." Seras grinned, dimples showing broadly.
Lillian bowed her head to Oreo as he left, trying to hold in the laughter. 'It feels good to be home,' she thought.

At the sound of Laura's voice, Lillian's body stiffened as memories began to run through her mind. That same voice calling her name in that same tone.

She smiled at Malice and Auron, "If you'll please excuse me, I have someone to see. It's great to see both of you again."

She bowed and turned away from the couple, walking towards that familiar voice. She walked into the main room behind Laura and smiled.

"Well, look at you, all grown up."
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Laura jumped, squeaking. Spinning around, she looked wide eyed at Lillian. "So... This means I wasn't dreaming." she murmered. Looking tempted to reach out and touch her, she decided to just stand there. "You're..." she faltered, not knowing what to say.
Lillian smiled and replied, "Alive? No," she laughed. "But I AM here." She concentrated like Oreo said to stay in her physical form. She took a step forward towards Laura and pulled her into a hug.
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Laura stiffened, then buried her face in Lillians shoulder. She had missed her so much... "What happened to you?" she asked her, pulling back. Laura felt like crying. Again. At least this time it was from happiness.
Lillian patted Laura on the head, trying to comfort her. "I died... But I came back, sort of." Lillian was happy to see Laura, but sensed her holding back tears. "There's no need to cry."
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Laura frowned slightly. "What are you talking about? It's a perfect time to cry. My dad died, you died, I was about to get shipped off to Germany, my sister went missing... Then you came back." After that, Laura smiled faintly. "I need to thank you for that."
Lillian furrowed her eyebrows in disgruntlement, but held Laura in a hug still so that she didn't have to see it. "You can thank Oreo for bringing me back." Smiling once me, Lillian pulled Laura away to look at her. "And you're NOT going to Germany. You'll stay with me and we'll go find your sister."

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