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It's against my religion to celebrate Easter.
Then I feel your pain, sir. </3
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It's against my atheism to celebrate religion.
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I didnt know that religions openly encourage oppression and told you what holidays you could or couldent belive in. But I LOVE halloween, and it most definitly dosent only celebrate witchcraft, in fact, it hardly does at all. Halloween is the day that everyone shows who the truly are or want to be by wearing a mask
Halloween is not against your religion, it doesn't care one way or the other about your religion. In fact if anything you are against Halloween, not vise-versa.
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It celebrates witchcraft. [/end]

Except it doesn't.
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It celebrates witchcraft. [/end]

Except it doesn't.
Jeez you're all stubborn minded.

GL HF anyways, have fun being ignorant.
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Wait, I know im mean and a little b**chy, but when did I become evil? lol. And no I am not Wiccan. But I have relatives that are.

Good and evil are meaningless if you attempt to use them other than relatively. Evil being 'not my side', good being 'my side'.
So, obviously, if someone declares 'you are evil' and then says something that means they are not on your side, then yes, you are evil from his perspective, and he is evil from yours.

Thus: Halloween is good.
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It celebrates witchcraft. [/end]

Except it doesn't.
Jeez you're all stubborn minded.

GL HF anyways, have fun being ignorant.

*points and laughs*
He thinks this will change our minds!
Reverse psychology only works on people who value your opinion.
My logic tells me your religion is a sham.

<3 Have a great day!
Depending on what religion you're coming from, it's probably not against your religion. Halloween dosen't celebrate witchcraft, it's a time for people to dress up and get free candy, and was originally a celebration of the dead like the holiday in Mexico. If you're talking about Christianity, in whatever denomination, yes it's true that you're not supposed to practice witchcraft, but are you saying every child out on the street is practicing witchcraft and should be damned to hell? I'm not fond of ignorant people, it's a fair thought, just think it through before you post it on the internet and make a fool of yourself.

Actually, Halloween comes from a mix of ancient Celtic, Catholic, and Roman practices. The Day of the Dead is a completely different holiday. It's celebrated on November 2.
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Witchcraft is a lame excuse, seeing as Voodoo is a form of Catholisism and Pegans did not perform "witchcraft" but ritualistic cerimonies taken incorrectly.

It's like saying I can't celebrate Easter because that's the day Jesus became a zombie. Bad excuse.
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Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions but it really irks me when people rag on other peoples religion... hmmm whatever. I think halloween is great. but if its against ur religion i understand why you would be a little depressed on halloween night. smile i think all religions are cool. smile See you later gaiaonline!
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o0 actually it doesn't celebrate witchcraft at all... it was originally a celebration of the change of seasons and to remember the dead.

Tipped this post because of its sheer brilliance. NoranekoDea did their research and presented a good case for why, historically, Halloween doesn't ''celebrate the devil''. I completely agree with their post.

Fact of the matter is that Christianity not only adopted and adapted parts of other religions into its own, but Halloween has origins outside of 'witchcraft' and 'Devil worship' that people tend to ignore.

Props to your NoranekoDea for pointing out the basis of Halloween traditions.
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it is against my religion to celabrate hakkoween
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Storm Daughter
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It celebrates witchcraft. [/end]
And we care...? Its your choce to give up free candy mate.

OMG your sig is SO CUTE!


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