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Hello Gaians,

As this year's Halloween event comes to a close we'd like to extend our thanks for making Halloween an awesome event. We had a blast putting the event together and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. We're going to turn the main event gameplay/fighting off fairly soon but plan on releasing a Halloween wrap-up within a couple weeks. As usual, we don't like to make promises but we're working really hard on a cool Halloween virtual world where you can interact with some of the ghosts.

Finally, we'd like to "roll credits" as they say in the film industry. A relatively small group of people are responsible for building events but we often get help from other developers and artists. Also, for the first time in quite a while, this event had a significant role-playing component that would not have been possible without the help of our awesome moderators.

Without further adieu:

The Event Team

Lanzer, Ramoneguru, Narumi Misuhara, Brunosmad, meatless, Cashmere Cactus, boxcarsocial, reapersun, 88dragon, Fleep, l0cke, and indy_cole

Ghost RP

Happy Day - coldheartedangel, angelfromdown-under, antaine, Aiko Afriel
Labtech Rory - LabTechMK, Jak Bauer, eaTaiaG, ZakuMent
Dinky - Narumi Misuhara
Thucydides Ambrosia - Cashmere Cactus
Jay Brooks - LittleRaverJoey, Reichiru Tomoe
Ricky the Dog-Faced Boy - PremiumHeart, Etoile Celeste, Photon Burst
The Amazon Crusher - AraTeran, AngeIsThanatos, Giabrenna, IAMtheSKYE
Arturo Robusto - Racheling, VegetasBabie, Nate_17, Nenalata
Brainbox - SoundBlast, MegamanPsy, Narumi Misuhara
Randy Folsom - M6, Seraphim Call, Tuba Toothpaste
Old Rusty - mcm, Desna, Pandilicious
Chauncey - cardi, Sakeyaki, Mother Fluff, Cookie on Fire
Mantis Sr. - whuk, siskataya, MingSao, Nerpin
Flagrante - Siriah, icetears
Noo - Ambu, Key Somniorum, tiranaki
Michelle Nguyen - Goldschlager, candycrack, Bellevi
Nancy McCoughlin - firebird_phoenix
Megan McNulty - scrub, KitsuneRuna, Mister Leo
Professor Kruelty - Kamirose, Jar Full of Painkillers, comfortably_dumb, Desna
Carrie Loggins - Lyca_Watyre, Bunny Cakes[MB], Goosies Moosies, Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Tia & Tamara - Harbinger of Pandamonium, IflanaNifi, Merumiharu, Elindranyth
Daring Dan - Kathleen Starr, Uncle Kenny, Zero Omega, Miches
Queen Riverwisp - Xya, Poindextra, Morbid Gnome, Saeline
William F. Drink, Edith Drink, Michael J. Drink, Bigfoot - meatless
King Abelard XII - boxcarsocial
Pancakes, Bruce Hardcastle - Brunosmad
Constance Mapleheart - Hikari_Sango, Holly, Redd Dayspring
Extras - Scarbi, Celes Xe, Shaun Holder, TehDarkling, Casrial

Thanks again, everyone!
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I completely second the thank yous. I really enjoyed this event. The layout of the Grave Danger game itself was pretty cool looking, the items are fun (I love the death-tater), the Ghost RPers were AMAZING and towns and zOMG were very neat as well.

So yes, thank you very much to everyone who was involved in making Gaia Halloween 2K10 so awesome.
coldheartedangel's avatar

Questionable Dabbler

I highly enjoyed the game, so thanks guys =)

Definitely one of my top favorite events to date

You guys really outdid yourselves
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Oh man, I'm looking forward to the wrap-up! Thanks for the awesome event, guys!
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Divine Muse

The Mods role played the NPC's???

Wow, I am very impressed. I never thought they would be allowed to do that.

I hope they are allowed to do that again, I had such an incredible time with those RP's.

More so than the actual game, lol

*Still hopes to see Rory in the future, it was amazing to see a labtech after all these years*
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It was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to really get involved in one of the best events we've had since the Zurg! Thanks for playing with us!
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I KNEW MK was Rory! LMAO Can't believe I was right .____.;;;
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The whole team did an amazing job, you guys were SO much fun to talk to. PLEASE do this kind of event again!
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Codebreaking Inquisitor

Best. Halloween. EVER. Great job guys, it was a blast!
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Yes, thank you for playing with us! <3
Thanks again everyone, you all really did an amazing job! Best event ever. At least the interacting with NPCs part. <3 Seriously, made me decide to come back to gaia. XD
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I enjoyed this year's all hallow's eve event just as much as last year's event keep it up!
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Shy Senshi

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Thank you so much for the great event!
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<3 x 8765456789 million.

I had so much fun with this event. Thank you so much!

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