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I fear I may have played some small part in their release, though I did so only to help free them from torment. These ghastly specters are determined to torture the living, as they themselves have been tortured in death.

I have begun to catalog the terrible spirits haunting these lands. Tread carefully around them, for they seek only to spread misery.

    Happy Day appears to be the restless spirit of a hippy. As far as ghosts go, he seems the most harmless, aside from body odor.

    Constance Mapleheart demonstrates the danger of too much power. Her beekeeping career came to a violent end when she tried to upstage the queen bee.

    I'm pretty sure Labtech Rory doesn't know he is dead, making him all the more dangerous.

    Thucydides Ambrosia is a terrible threat indeed, as he systematically targets your self-esteem, tearing you down with endless putdowns. The things he's said to me… I dare not repeat them.

    Ricky the Dog-Faced Boy enjoyed a promising career as a circus performer, until he met an untimely end. Ghost though he may be, his bite hurts all the same.

    As far as kings go, I can imagine none more wicked than Abelard XII. His reign was cut short due to syphilis, and not a moment too soon. His madness was bankrupting the kingdom.

    I've never encountered a woman as scary as the Amazon Crusher. Her propensity to put people in headlocks makes her one of the least pleasant specters.

    Arturo Robusto lived the life of a lusty scoundrel. Now he uses his seduction skills to lure the living into his own personal hell.

    In life Jay Brooks was a dutiful servant of Gaia Cinemas and thoroughly unhygienic teenager. In death he is no less unpleasant.

    Brainbox once served a noble purpose, bridging the gap between man and machine. Then he was murdered in cold blood, and the horrors of the cemetery reprogrammed him to hate the living.

    I have no idea how Pancakes died, let alone returned from the dead. They are dangerous nonetheless.

    Randy Folsom was a gentle spirit in life, now he cruises the world in search of victims to haunt and terrify.

    Long-term exposure to chains caused Old Rusty to die. Exposure to something far worse brought him back.

    Finding the legendary Bigfoot is thrilling enough, but to discover that he is now a ghost is paranormal paydirt. His lifelong struggle with drinking and depression left him susceptible to otherworldly influence, and his spirit longs for revenge.

    Chauncey seems a benign force, a friendly child enjoying the benefits of his newly incorporeal form. Still, it's probably a good idea to destroy him.

    I'm not 100% sure Mantis Sr. is actually a ghost, but his haunting nature and supernatural disregard for personal space makes him no less unsettling.

    Flagrante was a celebrated musician, embracing a life of flamboyancy. Now he's applying that same showmanship to scaring people.

    Dinky's years toiling in mazes left him angry, bitter and resentful. The horrors he faced in the afterlife didn't help any.

    Nancy McCoughlin was an ace gunfighter with impeccable aim. Now her ghostly bullets chase the living.

    Professor Kruelty spent years as a supervillain, giving her a unique insight into annoying people. Now she can annoy people and walk through walls.

    Living dentists are scary enough, but Megan McNulty practices her craft from beyond the grave. She'll haunt your cavities for sure.

    Michelle Nguyen wields a supernatural knowledge of obscure music, which she uses to antagonize victims to no end.

    Noo earned her fame as a fashion model. Now that she's off the catwalk, she's unleashing her contempt for humanity on everyone.

    Carrie Loggins made her money walking dogs, until they walked her to death. Now she commands a pack of angry yapping ghost dogs.

    Tia & Tamara were creepy twin sisters in real life. In death they are even more creepy, especially when they finish each other's sentences.

    Legendary sportscaster Bruce Hardcastle has been dead on more than one occasion. Hopefully we can make it stick this time.

    Queen Riverwisp was once a benevolent forest guardian, but now she serves as a twisted instrument to the ghostly cause.

There are other dreadful ghosts lurking in the shadows, but I have yet to encounter them. I fear they may be acting as ringleaders. Until I work out a way to fight them, we're going to have to put up with their evil. Be safe, Gaians!
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What did Pancakes ever do to you? You monster.
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Who you gonna call? dramallama
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Yay ghosts. <3
Can't wait to see what they have in store in the event.
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Holy crap there is alot! It has me very excited that this year's event will be a huge success
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will this is cool
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Who cares if Mantis Sr isn't a ghost?
He's still awesome. <3

Edit: Whoooah, brohan. Not all of the ghosts are as hateful as you're making them out to be. Stop trying to incite a ghostly riot. D:
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Chauncey seems a benign force, a friendly child enjoying the benefits of his newly incorporeal form. Still, it's probably a good idea to destroy him.

gonk gonk gonk
YESSSS! Now we're getting somewhere!
Its great to have all this information now!
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Pancakes? Dangerous? Please.... rolleyes
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Lies! Labtech Rory is harmless! He just wants our organs heart
Rory Fanthread:
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You're being MEAN. I'm going to tell on you.
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Poor poor Dinky, i would like to see what does he have to say about all of this.

User Image
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What do you mean Chauncey is dangerous? He is so not.
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I like Jay.
he's cool beans <3

And Mantis Sr gave me this candy! ; D; -holds up hard candy with a hair stuck to it-
He can't be all bad.

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