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I love Happy Day biggrin Hippie Ghost!
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Beloved Lunatic

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Beloved Lunatic

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Beloved Lunatic

whee sweatdrop
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Who you gonna call? dramallama
Ghost busters!!!
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Beloved Lunatic

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Beloved Lunatic

MMM did someone say pancakes? I want their syrupy goodness!
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"Chauncey seems a benign force, a friendly child enjoying the benefits of his newly incorporeal form. Still, it's probably a good idea to destroy him."

If by "destroy him" you mean "give him cookies and hugs", then yes
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Ghosts are friends, not evil spirits who wish harm upon the living!!

Ok, maybe they are, but i support Ghost Survival!!!!
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Ah, so that's what happened to poor Professer Kruelty. And here I thought she got the boot...she did make Washington Lobbiest Tactics 3103 so very interesting.
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How about we banish Noo and save the rest biggrin
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I have no idea how Pancakes died, let alone returned from the dead. They are dangerous nonetheless.

How so? Now that they're dead, nobody could choke on them. eek
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midnightassassin wolfgang
midnightassassin wolfgang
midnightassassin wolfgang

Should you be greatful?. . .For all you have done these past days was running away from me. Why? I have watched you, and, toil not...

She continued.

Running from you, no. I was following a .... rumor i had heard . it turned out to be nothing more than a trap though

She whispered, "A trap." A mere sigh leeked out her mouth as she remembered a dark summer day when she had fell into a trap with her mother.

what's wrong now razz

"Nothing really", she said, brushing off the topic.

So what did u come here for, Claudia?

"Didn't you come here to find me?" asked Claudia curiously.

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