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Bah..it's taking too long to come out with the final bosses. It'll be past Halloween when they finally show up..all because the date lands on a weekend... xd
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Thanks for this sticky...getting back to the event by going to the home page to get to the announcement every time was starting to get tedious.
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Of the best events.
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i think this even was pretty good. I like certain things about this one, but there are things that are well, draw backs. the same goes for the last few years. but i do like the battle format the most in these events
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User Image i need 10,000 post for the elocutionist achievement.. please, chat with me..?



(nice candies, cool fight scenes, and cooler prizes... what else do you want..?)

User Image

BUY or BID my stuff, please.. for the achievement.. User Image
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Finally a button man i've been waiting foreve for this, but i'm sad now i beat all the ghosts and the two bosses, i want more already lol. Can't wait to see what the next item is.
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Needs to beat more ghosts
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I am enjoying this! Thanks!
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I love it!

....except that its a bit too easy D: Oh well smile )
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Thanks for the link, needed it. Love it, lol.
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I beat all the ghosts.
I heart it
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Friendly feedback. Stop making the events so hard to find!

The last few events have been so well hidden I've been afraid that I'd miss them. Why isn't there a huge space devoted to it on the front page? D=
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Ohh, I already defeated allll of the ghosts! Soooo easyy!! The next ghost will be released on 11/1 I think.. anyone exited?! ik i am! I love halloween!!!

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