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If you love it, if you hate it, at least try it first...

2010 Halloween Event!!!
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I love it. <3
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Wheezing Gekko

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Greedy Dabbler

Jeebus, I was WONDERING when someone would put up an easy-access link for us. I've been having trouble getting back to the challenge after I leave.
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Thanks, needed a convenient link.
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-Does the "Power of Love" to ramoneguru-
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Oh hey guess that means I can get that out of my Quick Links.
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Beat all the ghosts + the two bosses
Cant wait for the next boss
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Ah, good, someone is taking over the button-providing.

Incidentally, I'm enjoying this event. Well done.
C: first page!
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Thanks biggrin
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It's an okay event. Somewhat fun. Thanks for the button. smile
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Aged Noob

Wasn't expecting this.... I guess I can take it out of my Quick Links now.

EDIT: First page! The one time I got on Gaia... I get on the first page.

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