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donate to help the Families Dies
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smile all of we can help haiti
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i'd donate money but da ppl in mii school re donating money
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omg thats awesome ive been donating to haiti like crazy on gaia and in rl life so this is such a great idea to donate even MORE! :3

I made this song the day of the earthquake in Haiti. I recently just came back from a funeral in Haiti for my great-grandfather 3 days prior to the earthquake. I have family in Haiti who I don't know if all of them are safe yet. I am really hoping that all of them are. This song is a very positive song that I hope will be played through the streets of Haiti when there needs to be uplifted spirits. I hope they listen to this song to find hope within their lives to stand up from what has happened. The tragedy is horrible, and I will be praying for everything to return back to normal along with the lives that were lost.

R.I.P. to those in the Chile Earthquake, and Haiti
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I think we should help anyone how needs it what can I do to help donate food clothing and I'll do it!It is so sad when everyday someone dies and me knowing I could have done something to help crying I heart earth and all the people on it the animals heart heart heart
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My Katimavik group (we're a youth volunteer group in Canada) is holding a Silent Auction/Bake Sale this Saturday, and the whole town is involved. Local stores donated gifts for the auction, and all proceeds will be going to Haiti. We're working with the Salvation Army, and the money raised will buy tents for earthquake survivors. We've been working hard on planning this event for the past month now, and we really hope it goes well. Support Haiti! 3nodding
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I just got back from a Spring break Mission trip in New Orleans with the Wesley methodist student center at my college and worked on Katrina Relief. Specifically, I worked on renovating a house. People should not just donate money but they should donate their skills on the ground and actively help the Haitians like I did in New Orleans.
america gave 100,000,000 dollars. you can build a better haiti with 10 dollars. thats plenty dont recycle your money in a 3rd world country. I mean you didn't do it for darfur where theres genecide. but oh no the earth coughed and took haiti away. forget about them it's part of hell now.
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to help i donated $20 not a joke i would do anything to help haiti be a better place to live in. heart heart heart heart heart biggrin

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