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neutral It would also be better, to say some prayers to the victims of Haiti...Lets say prayers for our beloved brothers.. neutral
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i wish i had a giant helicopter so i could pick up every one in hati and save them crying

i igree its so sad people should pick em up with helicopters/plains crying
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Thanks, Gaia, for the update on the removal of the "company" tab.

As for matching donations, The Miami Dolphins are matching donations with $2 for every $1 donated up to a total of $300,000
exmple of classic SFers:
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heart God Bless Haiti - Give strength to those who have not been found and help all those who have survived, Get back on their feet.

I am proud to say that I've given my support and have donated what I can to the appeal. Let's just hope that Haiti's future will be a bright one and for all other impoverished countries.


Where your donations are being distributed:
Real Time Haiti Crisis Map

Quoted from website
This Crisis Map of Haiti represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date crisis map available to the humanitarian community. The information here is mapped in near real time and gathered from reports coming from inside Haiti via: SMS, Web, Email, Radio, Phone, Twitter, Facebook, Television, List-serves, Live streams, Situation Reports.

The Process:
1. Haitians (in Haiti) text a message to “4636” with where they are and what help they need
2. Volunteers in the Haitian Diaspora log onto our site and translate the text messages (usually in Creole) into English for us
3. Our team here in Boston takes those messages, and using an online map called “Open Street Map” (www.openstreetmap.org) tries to identify the location of the person who send us the text message, and finds the GPS coordinates of that location
4. Our team then takes those coordinates that and puts it on our map at http://Haiti.ushahidi.com
5. Organizations working on or coordinating with efforts on the ground then use this map we create to help organize their humanitarian response.

Ushahidi is doing groundbreaking work on helping to connect Haitians on the ground with humanitarian organizations. Using internet technology, the group is connecting urgent needs of Haitians on the ground with the resources and relief necessary to save lives. Ushahidi is researching the web, tracking radio stations, and receiving text messages directly from Haiti to find messages describing needs of water, food, refuge, medical care, and urgent necessities. Then we map the information and coordinate with aid efforts on the ground to match the service to the need. Volunteers at Ushahidi's Situation Room at the Fletcher School, in Washington DC, Geneva, London and Portland are mapping the majority of the reports submitted to Ushahidi in near real-time. The volunteers then identify GPS coordinates for the reports and geo-tag the reports on the Ushahidi map. Each report is first read at least once by Situation Room before being published on the map. This Ushahidi deployment represents a joint initiative with members of the International Network of Crisis Mappers (CM*Net).

This website was found through a link on the Haitian Embassy (in U.S.) website: http://www.haiti.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=147
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I just donated to the Red Cross (actually, my mom told me to go there and use her credit card), but the thing is, when I selected "Haiti Relief and Development" and went on to donate, there wasn't a Company/Organization field anywhere. After "Country", it just asked for a phone number. o_O; So I really couldn't put in Gaia Online anywhere. D:
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awww i cryed when i heard about this...hey but things like this will happen..what u have to remember is no matter what if u stick with god everything will be ok..poor families...i couldnt imagine life without my dad D:
donating pennies
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neutral It would also be better, to say some prayers to the victims of Haiti...Lets say prayers for our beloved brothers.. neutral

yeah youre right..
but actually i'm not that religious
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You know what Gaians can do to help Haiti?
They can stop doing drugs and stop their druggie buddies.
Haiti is one of the best providers of drugs and it causes rich drug lords in Haiti that suppress the people in Haiti.
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My school is doing pair of jeans... I forgot the rhyme... o.e
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Hmmm, sucks for dem.
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When I first received an option to donate to Haiti, I was actually thinking about donating food instead of money, because I had a trust issue with how my money was going to be spent. But everyone's recommending that money be donated instead, because one issue is that there's no place to put food if it's sent.

The most I can donate is $100; there are limits to how much I can spend (long story, not supposed to openly discuss it) as well, so if $100 is donated it will make me look like a cheapskate. confused Worse yet is that I only have enough for myself; I can't be a giver.

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