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The word is out that Gaians are taking action to help with the Haiti quake disaster. Below are sniplets from some of the articles. Click the link at the end of each sniplet to read the full article.

Source: Virtual Worlds News
Four Youth Virtual Worlds Raise Money For Haiti Relief

In addition to previously covered the efforts by Sony Online Entertainment and MyYearbook to raise money for survivors of the Haitian earthquake through sales of virtual goods, Sanrio Digital, Gaia Online, Wiglington and Wenks, and Xeko (formerly Elf Island) have launched their own campaigns.

* Gaia Online is matching up to $10,000 in donations to the Red Cross and setting aside a dedicated forum for discussing and coordinating relief efforts by its users. Click here for full article.

Source: Ypulse
Youth-Targeted Haiti Relief Roundup

With all the recent coverage of a devastated Haiti and the thousands of people left homeless by last week's massive earthquake...[story cut for space]

Online Communities
Gaia Online announces its recent initiative to match the donations of users to the Red Cross Haiti relief and development efforts up to $10,000. Also, the online community has created a dedicated online forum to serve as a destination for members to coordinate support and donation efforts. Click here for full article.

Source: i heart daily
Double Your Donation To Haiti

By now, you know about the earthquake that struck Haiti last week, and the devastation to the country is over-whelming. As you've probably seen, you can easily donate...[story cut for space]

Gaia Online is an anime-themed, forums-based website with more than nine million users. Talk of the Haiti disaster was so prevalent that the site decided to take action: Gaia Online is matching donations to the Red Cross relief up to $10,000. Click here for full article.

Source: Gamer Tell
Reaching Out: Gaia Online matches donations made to Red Cross Haiti Relief effort

Gaia Online matches donations made to Haiti Disaster Relief FundsWhen a 7.0 earthquake ripped through the capital of Haiti it left more than 72,000 people dead and thousands more in need food, water and medical care. Many sought to find a way to aid the Haitian people in their time of need, including Gaians.

I spoke with Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online, about Gaians’ relief efforts.

“Our users saw the devastation and immediately started to respond, both with an outpouring of support and with actual donations. When we saw this, we met as a team and decided we would magnify our community’s efforts by matching their donations,” Sherman said. “Gaians are by nature incredibly generous and we believe our goal as a website is to help them make a difference.” Click here to read full article.
Thank you gaia!!
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Help? We're still waiting to be updated on the situation...

EDIT: ...And er, why was my post (above Remi's) deleted? neutral
Thats wonderful!!! We need to help Haiti as much as we can!!! Hang in there Haiti!!!!!!!!!!
surprised go haiti.

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