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I thought gaia said it would double our amounts, or maybe it meant double in the since that by matching our donations it meant double the amount donated. Either way this is still cool smile
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It's going to go to shelter and peoples who will just die or explode the next week from another earthquake anyways Dx
way a go gaia

Because Haiti needs help, and Gaia is willing to help them. There are lots of better ways to explain it, like the rebuttal thread to your Put America First argument, for example. I, personally, like what they're doing. I'm glad that they're trying to help Haiti.

You're entitled to your opinion, as long as you don't insult the people of Haiti, or the people attempting to help them, and make an effort to explain your opinions in a calm manner. You have had thousands of answers to that question, so you probably don't need to ask it again. Please tell me what part you don't understand, instead of just asking a general 'why'.
Why bother helping a country that can't even help itself? That's what I'm trying to get at, here.

I find this question selfish.
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          Yay! biggrin User Image

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lanzer looks chubby
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Better then nothing. xB
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*claps* THATS SO THOUGHTFUL! crying My friend was there *crys* in hati...... 8CRYS*
lol, this is funny! rofl
Hi everyone,

Gaia paid $10,000 to the Red Cross to help with the Haiti quake relief efforts like we promised we would. In case anyone missed it, we said that we'd match your donations, dollar for dollar, up to ten thousand dollars, effectively doubling your donation power! So many donations came pouring in from you guys, and people like you around the world, that the Red Cross hasn't been able to tell us the exact amount donated. But since they need the money now instead of later, we maxed out our contribution amount and cut the check for the full $10k.

Lanzer hand-delivered the check to the local chapter of the Red Cross and we videoed it for you. The fact that the people in the video look a little small compared to the check is just an optical illusion. blaugh

Thanks for all your generous donations. The world is a bit better off with kind Gaians like you. And it's not too late to donate more if you'd like. See the details here.

Awesome job everyone! Click the second image below on the left to watch the video.

PS: Originally, we tried to FedX the check but ran into a "technical" problem.

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Yay an asianguy
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that is so asome that they did that dont you think

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