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i like how she failed at math.

$10,000 feeds 200 families
and $500 feeds a family of 5 for a week???
10,000/200=50!! XD
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I’ve been caught sideways out here on the crossroads
Trying to buy back the pieces I lost of my soul
It’s hard when the devil won’t get off your back
It’s like carrying around the past in a hundred pound sack

            oh goodness, we're all a bit late, aren't we? anyways. i support gaia. anyone who doesn't, please just get over the fact that some people have hearts. you don't have to agree, just keep your opinion to yourself, please.

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Skeletons and Ghosts are hiding in the shadows
Threatening me with all the things that they know
Choices and mistakes, they all know my name
But I’m through holding in and holding onto all that pain
They see me trollin'.....
They Haitian.....

(Sorry, guys. I just had to.)
Well now Haitis not the problem its Chili! That was a gigantic earthquake!
biggrin biggrin awesome biggrin biggrin
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I believe it is extremely stupid of america to worry so much about other countries when we are not even intelligent enough to fix our own problems right here in our own country; hmm where to begin: 1000s of homeless in every city you go to expecially in the bigger citys, the national budget, hmm the list goes on and here we are giving away the money we dont have to other countries, i am all for helping one that cant help themselves, when i have it to spare, but giving it away when i am all but on the street is sheer idiocy, oh well such is the way of thinking of those in charge

It's called giving selflessly...

giving selfessly is all good and great but giving to ppl out side your country needlessly when there are plenty that need it here is just plain stupidity at its greatest, we are such a great and wonderfull country that we can give to everyone else and let our children starve in frount of us and even worse abuse our children and laugh about it or watch a person live and or die in the street here in front of us then give the money to another country and smile YAY amreica pathetic
Wow, I'm happy that Gaia is so generous to the Haitians.

I heard that they wanted to help themselves and didn't want people involved.

But that's what I heard.

Because Haiti needs help, and Gaia is willing to help them. There are lots of better ways to explain it, like the rebuttal thread to your Put America First argument, for example. I, personally, like what they're doing. I'm glad that they're trying to help Haiti.

You're entitled to your opinion, as long as you don't insult the people of Haiti, or the people attempting to help them, and make an effort to explain your opinions in a calm manner. You have had thousands of answers to that question, so you probably don't need to ask it again. Please tell me what part you don't understand, instead of just asking a general 'why'.
Why bother helping a country that can't even help itself? That's what I'm trying to get at, here.


Out rages by this first comment.

Haiti didn't ******** ask for your help in the first place, others just decided to.

I'm not saying Haiti's people could help themselves in a situation like what they are in now. If you actually got to see what Haiti looks like right now, even to this day, if you were there and you had nothing there would be no way possible to help yourself.

I'm ******** tired of selfish Americans saying that Haiti doesn't need our donations. It's making me sick. Based on Haiti right now, you people are living a luxurious life. People have been trapped under cement for weeks and you guys are sitting on your couches watching with blank faces.

This about it. Research Haiti's situation, and then you'll see ******** 'why'.

The actual first comment to this thread was "Why?"
$10,000?! Cool ah!
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I think it's a wonderful thing for Gaia to do.
Thanks guys! I had no idea that Gaia was doing anything.
People helping people is what it's all about!

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