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Where are you sending your grunnies?

Friendship Grove 0.68174962292609 68.2% [ 452 ]
Industrial Homogenizer 0.31825037707391 31.8% [ 211 ]
Total Votes:[ 663 ]
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        Hello! Happy Easter! This is a joint freebies shop run by x_Bella Luna_xx, Kuri Kawaii, and IrizaBear.
        This isn't a first-come-first-serve thread, we will choose the avatars we would like to draw. We will quote you with your art, not PM you.
        Please don't quote the first page or harass anyone who comes in.
        Info about each artists like what they can draw and cannot are in the "examples" post.
        We will try to draw as much as we can!

        Some good ways to get drawn:
        Chat or bump with us! Keep the thread alive!
        Have an awesome Easter avatar or one that catches the eye.
        Participate in our contests.
        Quote the Easter Bunny! (post at the bottom)

        Have unwanted bunnies leftover?
        Sell em on the event page for gold!
        Link right here
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Hello, I'm Bella, or Sydney (real name), call me whichever. I'm 17 from Minnesota. Taken.
Obsessed with Bruno Mars, New York Yankees, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Twitter haha at the moment.
I am drawing only headshots for this event since they're faster. I'm doing colored line art, probably not colored in but we'll see.
I'll draw anything except fur, some wings, and some hair. If anything else, I'll let you know.

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Im Kuri Kawaii. You may call me Kuri, or Kupo ^-^ I'm 18 and currently enrolled in college. I will be able to draw almost any avatar but if there is alot of clutter dont mind me if I simplify it. Feel free to add me as a friend, and I always enjoy a random PM or comment here and there. Overall I'm an amateur artist that just discovered what a freaking tablet was. crying Forgive me for my pencil examples, I can color your if you so wish blaugh Happy Easter heart
Notice: I wont be here from wednesday to sunday ._. I'll be in Boston at the convention. I will draw on Monday though!

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Ciao a tutti!
My name is IrizaBear. Pull a nickname from that if it’s too long for your liking. I’m not picky about it. I’m 21 years awesome and happily taken for 2 years by a boyfriend that speaks Spanish fluently (which I understand but can’t speak back) and has an accent, too. It’s amazing. Also, I don’t actually speak Italian if you’re wondering from the greeting, but I do want to learn the language thanks to Assassin’s Creed II – Revelations. I wish I could be an Assassin ;A; (Yes, I’m obsessed with Ezio Auditore and yes I’m aware that he’s not real… But he’s so BAD a**!! <3)
I don’t have many limits on what I’ll draw. If I can’t do it, I’ll tell you and if it’s too cluttered, I’ll remove things. FYI: I will only be drawing chibis for the thread.
I also reserve the right to color any art I give out. If your avi has Easter related colors (pink, yellow, baby blue) I MAY decide to color those parts respectively
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        Perfect Poster:
        The last person to post before it strucks midnight on Easter gets a special kind of art from an artist of your choice.
        You choose between a full body, colored picture, or couple.

        numbaWUNkitty (FB, Iriza)

        Happy Hopper:
        Whoever is the first poster on pages 10, 20, 30, ect. will get art by an artist of your choice.
        We will still decide ourselves whether it's a full body, half body, and so on.
        You have to be within the first 5 posts to win if us artists or EB has posted first.
        A strike through the username means they've been drawn.
        People who have already won and win again do not get art. It'll go in as we didn't have a winner.
        Once the event is over and winners have NOT chosen an artist, the artists will decide.

        Page 10: Miezekatzchen (Iriza)
        Page 20: JuicyTea (Iriza)
        Page 30: Terezi Pyropee (Iriza)
        Page 40: sailornorthstar (Iriza)
        Page 50: --------

        Page 60: Esoko (Kuri)
        Page 70: --------
        Page 80: Sonerous (Iriza)
        Page 90: --------
        Page 100: MidnightxAngel667 (Iriza)
        Page 110: x__c r u c i o (Bella)
        Page 120: --------
        Page 130: --------
        Page 140: Krohiten (Iriza)
        Page 150: Ravyn457 (Iriza)

        Page 160: S u c k t a c u l a r (Iriza)
        Page 170: Lani De Mirshanns (Iriza)
        Page 180: --------
        Page 190: Asslee Slickbooty (Iriza)
        Page 200: --------
        Page 210: Doomy Bear (Iriza)

        Page 220: Super_Fwog (Kuri)
        Page 230: --------
        Page 240: Bariana (Bella)

        Page 250: Kedia26 (Iriza)
        Page 260: xLexC7x (Kuri)
        Page 270: EcstaticPrincess (Iriza)
        Page 280: ScribbleTop (Bella)
        Page 290: Blooming Serenity (Bella)

        No more requests for Iriza since she's got a long list
        Page 300: --------
        Page 310: --------
        Page 320: xoSweetAngel (Bella)

        Page 330: Miya-kit (Kuri)
        Page 340: chinatsu_0 (Kuri)
        Page 350: The Lightning Rod of Hate (Kuri)
        Page 360: --------
        Page 370: Alamoraine (Kuri)
        Page 380: Aneilay_Faith_12 (Bella)
        Page 390: Droig (Kuri)
        Page 400: VincentValintine LimitBrk (Bella)
        Page 410: ePinayCutiePie (Bella)
        Page 420: --------
        Page 430: Sweet Fatality (Bella)
        Page 440: x-Duckling-x (Iriza)

        Page 450: Uninterruption (Kuri)
        Page 460: The Soul Dew Guardian (Bella)
        Page 470: Raixa_Phantasy (Bella)
        Page 480: --------
        Page 490: Youkai no Tama (Bella)
        Page 500: Luuxette (Bella)
        Page 510: --------

        Page 520: Metal Gothic Dragon (Kuri)
        Page 530: DarkCoffe (Kuri)
        Page 540: --------
        Page 550: --------
        Page 560: --------

        Page 570: Rode Daimon (Kuri)
        Page 580: --------
        Page 590: Sweetkitty (Kuri)
        Opening Iriza's list back up, winners now can choose between the three artists.
        Page 600: --------
        Page 610: --------
        Page 620: --------
        Page 630: Dante Jenova (Bella)
        Page 640: Devilish Cherub (Iriza)
        Page 650: Akai Aryeroth (Iriza)

        Page 660: Lovely Lemon Candy (Iriza - don't worry bout Imp wings)
        Page 670: Basically Camille (Iriza)
        Page 680: Cheetra3 (Iriza)
        Page 690: Alexia Incognito (Kuri)
        Page 700: --------
        Page 710: seahaze (Iriza)

        Contests over since event is over. Congrats to all winners! You'll get art soon!
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        Quote the Easter Bunny!

        [quote="[NPC] Easter Bunny"][/quote]

        We've also have seen grunnies just by posting.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this thread! We are still drawing, so just
because the event is over, doesn't mean this thread is!
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Some good luck art from JackTheLycan!

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