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Ya'll crack me up! mrgreen
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You're surprised that Diedrich did that?
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I feel like Gaia is breaking their own rules. They have rules against trolling, and yet they themselves have made a troll. Diedrich is nothing but a troll, and I am tired of seeing everyone fawn over his cuteness. Yes, he was cute at first, but when you get completely overweight and start pooing out babies and expecting everyone else to deal with his 'idiot' offspring, he is the definition of a troll.
I think that in trying to give the community more diedrich, since it seems the majority think he's cute and side with him, they have completely gotten off plot. "Died rich" the 'birth of a grunny' pose in the item 'ash face'. They were building up to something, and it seems to have been lost.
I am not surprised.

At all.
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Oh relax.......Im sure............. With the diedrich soup he ate..... he probably swallowed the soup to reform the children and poop em out again as new-borns biggrin besides, they where already dead...so why not recycle? I don't't see why diedrich has so much hate... He's awesome biggrin

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