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How lovely~
Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please

Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree
Where we'll gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream

All of my affections
I give them all to you
Maybe by next summer
We won't have changed our tunes

I still want to be
In this town beside the sea
Making up new numbers
And living so merrily

All of my affections
I give them all to you
I'll be here for you always
And always be for you

Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please
Living so merrily

Adventure Time be so magical, jus' like this shanty. At first glance, ye'd reckon 'twas jus' a typical sprog's show but 'tis so much more awesome than it seems. heart
Arr! give me all th' anons! ye landlubbers!
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You walk on a simple dirt path, You notice a boy in a sailor outfit chasing after a Flying Mint Bunny? You rub your eyes, you knew Mint bunnies dont exist. Suddenly the mint bunny flies towards you and over you. Then the boy tries to past you but instead trips by you. &Ow ow ow.& He said, with teary eyes. Of course you offer a hand to help him up, and he accepts it. &Oh hello Mate. Thank you. Did you see a mint bunny pass by? One that flies?. & You nod. &Hmm? You can see him?& His eyes lit up. &Can you see fairies and unicorns as well? If you can see Flying Mint Bunny i bet you can see them!& You shook your head and told him couldnt. & Oh well i guess you just lucky then. Hmmm. Oh well. & He shrugs. & I must get going. That Bunny causes a lot of trouble.& He starts running North on that small dirt road, and you noticed he dropped a small box. You thought that he must of dropped it when he tripped, you tried to return it, but by the time you yelled for him, he was gone. But you did notice a small note tied on the box with blue ribbon. You untied this ribbon to read the note.
&Happy belated Easter&
~Principality of Sealand.

Me thanks wee lad fer th' bounty. I hope ye catch that problematic minty bunny.
Someone had volunteered you to go to the graveyard to decorate for Easter, and to organize an egg hunt there for Easter Sunday. It's not the greatest job in the world, but you accomplish it, then sit down to take a break. It's nearly midday, and you hear laughter coming from inside the woods that the graveyard borders and eventually goes into. With little forethought, you step inside the area, and a small child takes you by the hand, dragging you along towards an open area. Several children are laughing, and a woman is sitting nearby, holing out tiny chocolates in her hands for them. She turns to smile at you, and then you realize that her hands are skeletal, and her skin is blue. She isn't frightening though, and she walks over to you, smiling and handing you a tiny wrapped box from her skeletal hands. &Everyone deserves to celebrate the holidays, don't you think? We do miss it...and the children do love the Upstairs world. However...it may be for the best that you turn back from where you came.& With a wave of her hand, you feel compelled to walk back, and you wave back at her. It's nearly dark out once you return to the graveyard, and you think, 'Was it all real?' The tiny box in your hand confirms it, and you head home, knowing that some things are better left unexplained.
-The Corpse Bride Anon-

Blow me down! Wha' has jus' happen here? An un-dead beauty gave me a gift?! This would be a merry yarn t' tell.
You begin to grow cold, and feel some odd lingering presence around you. As if you were being watched. You turn to try to find whoever was there, but were only greeted by a sudden dense fog, and the sound of what seemed to be seagulls. &You're a pirate, are you not?& You hear someone ask, "I'm sorry to say, madam. But it is your time. Respectively you should die at sea, if i'm not mistaken?" Before you can respond you feel water at your feet, rising quickly to your waist, then to your chest. You keep afloat in the sudden deepening waters, but suddenly feel hands around your ankles which pulled you downwards. "Welcome to Davy Jones' locker, my dear".


I don't fear 'cause I knew that someday was comin'.
I let meself sink in th' deep blue , as I smile at me demise,
wit' jus' hopes o' see ole mateys restin' in th' bottom o' th' sea.

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