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Oh my, the stray cat hit me with a customized anon. How sweet. <33

Thank you, you adorable little thing. <33
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Probably Magic Perfume because dat voice.

        Demon Kin
        I love his message

        Or Arron, he was my first ever anon, and the reason I wanted to become a part of this world <3
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I don't suppose I would say I had a favourite. cat_sweatdrop heart

I really enjoy all of the Anons I've encountered this event, and the ones I haven't personally but have heard about from others. They each have unique flavours to them, and I really love and appreciate both the generosity that they're all exhibiting, but more than that, the dedication to their 'characters'. It's just been fun.

That being said, I am more partial to those who have kept me company, giving me time to get to know them and largely keep loneliness at bay. heart These include dear Bittersweet Anon and Lotus. cat_3nodding

And well... Robo-Diedrich is a huge case of 'I don't even'. xD heart
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"Well. I may or may not be a slight bit Biased. But I do certainly have a few I quite adore." Tempt began twirling a lock of her red hair around her finger as she remembered her favorites, "Always and forever shall The Last Dance anon and Enamorado be my most favorite though i do not think they were around this event. However from this event, Mistletoe, The Sauntering Mist, Bittersweet, Razzle Dazzle, A poetry anon with no name, and of course Black Lace and Rose Prince. Really it was such a hard decision...." Of course she only named off everyone who gave her a letter at least twice. Silly woman, she was not at all sly today.
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[NPC] Easter Bunny
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I don't really have a favorite. All the anons were fun and so many of them were creative and unique.
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I've been getting gifts, but they haven't actually been anon. So IDK.
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Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: The walls closed in on her, blocking out all memory of the sun. Mary couldn't remember what it was like to walk down a sunlit path, or sit beneath a tree with her love. The images were like a painting splashed with turpentine, all runny through her mind, leaving her hands covered in slime whenever she even attempted to touch their surface. She was just another number, a chew toy for the creatures that lurked in the dark hallways of her prison of space and steel.

The sound of scratching shuffles and the smell of rotted flesh signified the beginning of her day. The wall in front of her melted away like sticky tar and two creatures in the outside hall, tall black shadows wearing clothing made of flesh, still fresh and slick with blood that ran down their wavering black bodies. She stared at the clothing as a point of hope, knowing that someday she would adorn their bodies and finally be free.

&Get up,& one of them said and Mary complied. The other creature remained silent, just like all the rest. Only one of them ever spoke and in her mind he was the Creature, something real and more dangerous, while all the others were just things. He ran his finger down her cheek and over her mouth, leaving a smear of blood that mimicked a the wry smile she used to have. The creatures grabbed her arms and started forward, down the cold black hallway, illuminated in red by a panel over their heads.

Mary walked between them, her bare feet barely touching the ground, which was a blessing, since they had long ago been scraped free of skin, leaving only dried blood and bone. They never healed her feet after their games, and Mary could only guess at the reasons. Not that she did much guessing anymore.

The creatures led her down the hall, past identical doors of solid steel. The further the walked, the louder it became, like a zoo of barely human monkeys screeching out in pain. She swallowed and continued to stumble along, and the two shadow beings smiled down at her with hungry grins.

-You are next-

Demon's Kin


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