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For the past few events Gaia has put in this subforum, i understand they put it in so the actual event forum doesn't get spammed, however it defeats the whole purpose.
This may make me look like a hypocrite, since i'm posting in here... but people are obviously only posting in this forum because they want gifts. It's a way for greedy people to search for free stuff.

I used to enjoy anon gifting and anon'ing because it was at random, you'd be having a conversation with someone and then all of a sudden you'd have a gift without expecting it at all. There was rarely any preaching or begging for it.

I feel as though gaia has taken the random'ness out of it and some of the spirit too.
And that just makes me really disappointed.

Sorry for this rant. I couldn't hold it in any longer.
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I know what you mean, I think the only thing better about this is that we are not stuck in a little sticky thread anymore.
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So, what you're saying is if you post in here you're only after gifts? I can disagree with that. People here don't look forward to the gift but the message. Now, if we play it like that, I wouldn't mind if I don't get a message. Just talking with everyone during these make my event complete.
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I do agree with you on lots of things you mentioned above. You're correct about the subforum attracting people who are only after items. As well as the fact it does defeat the purpose.

But for some they aren't after anons. The event forum was moving too quickly and here there would be less people quoting the easter bunny. Which means more room for conversation. That or some people just wanted to hang out here and draw because they weren't able to due to the spam. Those are the only reasons I can think of so far as to why people will post here. Other than that who knows maybe I'm just greedy like you said. xp

As for defeating the whole purpose...
Lots of things defeat the purpose of anon gifting. A pen name, anon mule accounts, guilds being made dedicated to them. I don't mind the pen names and mule accounts but sometimes I don't even know...

The begging well it depends. If it's just the topic title and there's conversation then I don't think that's bad. If I make a thread asking for more anons right now I'm pretty sure I'll be labeled as greedy right away. Even though my intentions weren't to get any in the first place. AH but now my head hurts just thinking more and more about it. Still very glad to run into your post since I had some similar feelings.
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I dunno about you guys but I'm after the letters,not the free stuff (although that's good too ) they're alot more fun to read and come back to now and then for giggles.
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I never get anons and that's fine.

I just wish I could find a RED GRUNNY D:

Anyway, I see nothing wrong with this because no one said anyone had to give anyone anything good. Remember that.

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