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so cuuuuuuuute gonk
thank you for the tie smile
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Sparkly Shounen

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Happy Friday the 13th as well
Today, I shall collect all the black cats I could find and walk under any ladder I see with them :p
thank you for the candle C:
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Sparkly Shounen

Darn you my little pony I come back from watching you and I find a letter from the rose prince >///<

ummm..... still don't know if I'm able to post my message

ahghewhaj [dang why must you both do this to me >///<]
Yes everyone must know
the rose prince and what he has shown
I'm on my knees still begging to have some more
Please keep on going until I have become sore
I feel a bit greedy, keeping you close to me
I enjoyed my time with you, I hope you can agree
looking into your eyes,hoping that this was not a mirage
I also must thank you for the red rose corsage
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Sparkly Shounen

OAO A response emotion_kirakira

Answering with a poem, I must admit, I'm impressed
Which then begs the question, why are you still dressed?
You want me to go until you're sore?
I'll make you feel raw right down to your core
Tell me exactly what it is you'd like me to do
You know all I care about is you
I promise you now you have my undivided attention
So let me know your every intention
Talk dirty to me, and I'll return the favour
A night like this is one you should savour
My hands on your skin, my mouth on your neck
I'll turn you into such a little human wreck

- The Rose Prince

hmm does this satisfy you more?
or rather my pants drop down to the floor?
Keep going as you are, wow you're really good
hnnngh thats right a bit lower if you could
grabbing your hair I feel a sensation around
pulling you closer until we're both laying on the ground
I feel as if I am melting, my breathing starts to get hard
grabbing at your clothes I start to discard
I begin to lick behind your ears and whisper smirking
"Show me more. I am a rather selfish person..." than starts jerking
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Sparkly Shounen

OAO fjakjdfkajfdajf;a;!!!!!

Look at you there, sitting waiting for me?
Almost as though my visit you did forsee
Well darling, throw that apple aside
I'm here now, what pleasure to provide?
Let me just kneel down to my knees
I'm a prince and I know how to please
I'll pull down those trousers, underwear too
Already hard, you know what I'll do?
Swallow you whole and roughly suck
Listening to you moan, feel your hips buck
Your hands in my hair
As I take you there
I'll make you scream and come with a shout
Job is done, time for me to clear out
It's been fun, you know I'll return
Until then you'll just have to yearn

- The Rose Prince

I have been waiting for you
is it time to show me more of what you do?
alright I'll just put this to the side
and now to show me that princely pride.
Pulling your body forward on me
I believe that you know my plea
I enjoy the sensation you put me in a trance
I want to see you, but its so good that I can only glance
as it lets out, my body is wanting more
I see that you're gone, for now a corsage for me to adore
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Sparkly Shounen

"Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night.
Sun lights up the daytime, moon lights up the night
I light up when you call my name, and you know I'm gonna treat you right
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night."


wow I haven't gotten song lyrics in a while thank you very much biggrin classic song!
also thank you for the red rose ^u^b
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Sparkly Shounen

OAO tempty! ♥

Unno, Mon pomme I simply could not resist
Out of this thread I would hate to share this
However pretty boy you are my favorite
With your constant changing whenever the mood hits
Sweetheart, did you think I forgot about you?
Anoning everyone but leaving you out too?
Straddling his hips she pressed her pink lip
in just the barest of kiss to his nose's tip
With almost gentle touch she brushed his hair back
Behind his ear, sweet like it were a knack

The best for last, is that not what they say?
Because now with you. I certainly have all day
What do you with to do? I know you like when I top
Do you wish me to own you to simply never stop?
Shall I talk you through all of it as I command you to touch
Beneath your pants, where I know you want so much
Shall I watch? Shall I whisper, Just close but not enough
Shall I whisper words of naughtiness, asking to be taken rough?
Would you like me to do this babydoll? She shall whisper in his ear
Teeth tugging and pulling at the lobe that was just so near

No more stilling I need you, I want you now
Why are you wearing so many clothes anyhow?


nice to know that I am favored out of the rest
as in changed, I was wondering if you meant the way I dressed?
I'm relieved to know I wasn't forgotten about
merely to say that I was the last on your route.
You seem to know me well about all that I enjoy
Yes, Temptress I would love to be your play toy!
I'll follow your every command ask me what to do
Oh! that's interesting of course I would do anything for you ♥
Pants undone, stroking my hand on my length, I suddenly start gasping
my ear being pulled at the same time makes me want to stop, but try to keep clasping
You would like less clothes, well I do have to say I have too much on
let me change, so that most of my clothes will be gone
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Sparkly Shounen

Message: Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please

Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree
Where we'll gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream

All of my affections
I give them all to you
Maybe by next summer
We won't have changed our tunes

I still want to be
In this town beside the sea
Making up new numbers
And living so merrily

All of my affections
I give them all to you
I'll be here for you always
And always be for you

Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please
Living so merrily


haha the adventure time song xD I like the song thank you very much for the anon and pants as well C:
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Sparkly Shounen

Excellent I love how you take commands
Doing everything that my sultry voice demands
How eager you are to please me darling boy
You are the most excellent of my toys
A reward for being so obedient is a must
My lips upon yours, stealing a kiss with a crush
Purring moans into my mouth
My hand shall join you in its voyage south
Not a second sooner until I let you release
Oh no, do not stop, continue to squeeze
Beg me, Plead with me call my name
Let me be the master in this terrible game
I want you to thrash until sanity creeps just into pain
Perhaps I may just be a bit too vain
Unno, baby, stop right now
Crawling off your body, I will keep your hand away some how
Using my lips, and my tongue upon your length
Bringing you the release, that will show me your restraint's strength
Mmm. Perfect, How I love the taste
I will lick you clean. Not a drop to waste.
But i am not done, how I ever crave more
Soon I am dragging you down to the floor
While I may be shorter and certainly smaller
Your desire for me makes you a complete goner
Panties? Oh those? I never did wear
Who needs that fabric called underwear?


of course anything for you
anything you want I'll do!
Your hand drawn together with mine
gasping hard, this feeling in my body feels divine
I beg you to continue do what you must
now feeling your mouth on me I begin to thrust.
I release it out watching you greedily drink every drop
Now you're pulling my down to the floor until I plop
I start to crave more after hearing all your complements
oh that's alright I never said I was unsatisfied you not wearing undergarments
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Sparkly Shounen

Yes, My dear, it is your turn,
Time to make your stomach churn,
Don't make time for foreplay,
I want it rough today,
Now, let me make your insides burn.

We'll start already on the bed,
And the fire will spread,
Our love session's quick,
But your whole body I'll lick,
My stamina will make you dead.
~The Siren wink

I have waited patiently which is sure rare
its my turn now I have now become aware
Rough is how I enjoy it as well
in the bedroom is where I definately excel
Your licks on my body send shivers down my spine
Pulling closer so our bodies combine
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Sparkly Shounen

One last thank you anons. I really enjoyed responding to my letters thank you all very much 。◕‿◕。
also some of you have a habit of making me ajksdjfdsjfkjslkdfjsa;jfkjsadlkfj;a which I like O(≧∇≦)O
I hope to see you all again during the summer event (,, ・∀・)ノ

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