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Since I don't feel like butting into someone's conversation...

Um. Currently listening to: Alestorm. No, it isn't helping me write anons. Pirate Metal is cool, but not very helpful.

Grunnys below 25: Orange, Teal, Purple, Chocolate, Albino and Rainbow
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Kawaii Fairy

You head home to rest from a long day of chasing baby Diedrichs across the Easter fields. As you fit the key into the keyhole, you hear a bit of noise in your house, something that sounds like hammering and renovations. Slowly, you unlock the door to reveal the intruder, a little hamster on your previously broken table. "Don't worry, it's all fixed now," he says, securing the last nail into place. He carefully climbs down a measuring tape ladder and looks at you. "Well, guess I better get going now," he says before scurrying away.

~Panda the Hamster
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W-Who broke my table? Um, but thanks for fixing it little guy. (I think this means that a hamster can measure better than I can. Ha ha ha.)
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Kawaii Fairy

Talking excitedly with your fellow Gaians, you never noticed the young woman standing close by. She begins to walk past and suddenly shoves a red box into your hands before rushing off. You stare after her in surprise, only catching a glimpse of her red shirted back and long black and gold hair before she rounds a corner. You rush over and look around, but she has vanished without a trace. You frown and look at the box, finally noticing a note tucked under the white ribbon:

Life is an immense dream. Why toil?
All day long I drowse with wine,
And lie by the post at the front door.
Awakening, I gaze upon the garden trees,
And, hark, a bird is singing among the flowers.
Pray, what season may this be?
Ah, the songster's a mango-bird,
Singing to the passing wind of spring.
I muse and muse myself to sadness,
Once more I pour my wine, and singing aloud,
Await the bright moonrise.
My song is ended--
What troubled my soul? I remember not.

-Bittersweet Anon

Are you me? I wish I had a better response, but this kinda sums up how I've been feeling lately. Thanks for messaging!
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Kawaii Fairy

Nuit's bored and her house smells like stinky popcorn which makes her have a headache...
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Kawaii Fairy

Yep. Nuit now has a headache. 'Scuse me if I'm not all here.
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Kawaii Fairy

Good news is, I've watched four episodes of FiM since yesterday.
The bad news is... I'm kind of bored. I could anon, but... I dun wanna right now.
Maybe I should watch some PMMM instead.
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Kawaii Fairy

...Who up-voted this thing? I just now noticed that people have.
Kinda like I suddenly notice there's a bloody grunny staring at me when I swear there wasn't a second before.
I'm so observant.
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Kawaii Fairy

A soft ballad drifts over the breeze of the cool night air, laced with both mystery and joy. Curious as to the nature of the song, as well as to whom might be singing it, you decide to follow the melody to find its source.

After several minutes of wandering, you find your way to a nearby lake. There, on the edge of the dock, you find your answer in the form of a creature you had thought to only be a myth. A mermaid sits there, singing her ballad into the moonlight.

Stunned, you watch her for a few moments, before moving closer. Suddenly she whirls, her eyes wide in fright.

'O-o-oh! D-don't come a-a-any...' She pauses in her words before blinking in surprise.

'O-Oh...you don't l-look so s-scary...' She tilts her head before smiling brightly and offering you a small gift.

'H-h-here! My apologies.' She leaves you the gift before diving down into the water and disappearing beneath the surface.

- The Frightened Mermaid

Such a beautiful song... I guess it's worth getting so close to water to find the singer... Oh! It's a mermaid! I didn't know mermaids lived in lakes. (Maybe because I'm so afraid of them, ha ha ha.) U-Um, bye then! (Now to get off this pier, fast.)

Thank you anon!

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