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Demonic Sex Symbol

Oh my goodness I have neglected this for so long
Being Anon all night and all day like I belong
But do not worry, do not fret
I will reply to all the anons I did get
As for all of you my darling fans
I shall try to get to you if I can
Just know I adore all of you honestly too
There really would be no purpose to me without you.
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Demonic Sex Symbol

Dearest one,
Comrade in arms,
Shall we not go together,
and stroll about the grunny swarms,
finding certain souls,
to fling gifts at?

Ow. Who threw that?
Oh, hello Deidrich.
How are your kids?

What? No I didn't..
Well okay, I ground up some of them...
but the Easter Bunny really needs paint!
Hey don't give me that look, you don't take care of them!
Get back,
AH, One of the baby grunnies bit me! Stupid little -ACK, Two?
No, more.

-Unfortunate Anon

How strange this poem was, Honestly darling
I may have found this quite startling
I do hope you happened to make it out alright
I would hate to lose you before I tried you out tonight.

As you are writing your letters you notice a young woman walking towards you. She's humming a cheerful tone with a smile, but doesn't quite hide the sense of danger that seems to radiate from her. Though that might also be because of the bloody knife she was cleaning as she walks. She stops in front of you, her green eyes examining you as if uncertain of whether you are the one she is looking for. Apparently you are, since she begins to speak, &You're that Temptress person I've been hearing about, eh? I can see why Grimmy was getting so flustered when interacting with you.& She frowns as if something has just occurred to her, &Though you probably don't know who I'm talking about... What has she been going by here...& She's lost in thought for several minutes before you can almost see the light bulb go off in her head. &Oh yeah, it was Bittersweet! Anywho's.&, her cheerful grin returns as she continues, &I don't really remember why I stopped by other than it had to do with her... Seems to be happening a lot recently... I used to be so good at remembering things, it's such a pain that I seem to be losing that.& Despite her words, she seems more amused than anything. She suddenly hands you a box. &Here. I found it on the way over here, but I don't really have much need for such things.& She begins to walk away before she suddenly looks at you again, &Oh! And would you mind keeping my little visit between us? No need for Grimmy to know her boss has been keeping tabs on her.& With a wave, she resumes her cheery humming and strolls away.

Mmm. Well then I find this curious
That you would stop by and seem so serious.
Oh but don't worry and don't you fret
There has been nothing to be afraid of yet.
Perhaps you should wait watch and see
Just how many thing I can do to that sugar bee.

Selfish am I
It only leaves me restless as my
Eyes travel down that spine
To those ties so loose
How they should be tighter
Leaving your skin lighter
As it squeezes your rights
Right down to those thighs&
Away with this
Reckless abandon
Tied up and demanding are you and she
Though you more instead of
She requires more the sensitive touch
But&.not by much
Perhaps together
Would you like that better?
Tell tale signs?
Speaking of tails&
Maybe this leafy thing could help me win
Ever wondered what makes her wince?
The sweet little thing
Around and round it goes
Forget all your woes
With the pain comes pleasure
Violence and sex
Its always better
When you two are wetter
Clench at my sheets
Let me make you peak
With whips and leather
Im a real go getter
A lesson you wish to teach?
Ill be the teacher, if youre on a leash
Making your will weak
You think you&ll win?
It will only begin
If you submit and let me reenter
Show me your surrender
Ill let her go, if you wish
Then Ill make you twitch
Tell me, do you render
My efforts to show you
Hold you
In that embrace so nice
you&ll think twice
Before leaving my room&as if you could
Since youre currently tied
I will not lie
I like you better with your lips bound
So all I can hear is the sound
Of muffled pleasure
Are my sheets getting wetter?

Razzle Dazzle

Fingers pressed in how I like the touch
Moans of pleasure wouldn't be enough
But I am not a toy to play like you wish
But I will let you take an exception to this
Tie me up darling, Oh I love then tight
I love how it makes parts of my skin flush white
Play and tease with whips and chains
and watch as I thrive in these games
Arching my body off the bed
Thinking of the different ways to get ahead
DO you like my eyes darker than the night
Sickened with lust but thrilled with delight?
Did you want to hear me cry and moan
Thoughts of everything but going home?
You want to make me yours? Well you are so bold
You know I am not a lady to do as Im told
Pet me, stroke me, use me if you must
But giving you my everything, that wont happen Trust.
I am not like the sprite darling you see
She is my daughter, I am the original Bee.
If you want me to surrender you will have to do more
or else I am afraid keeping me here will become quite the chore
So give up now while you are ahead
Let me straddle and ride you like a cowgirl in this bed
I will make you pant and forget your name
Doesn't that sound better than any stake you may claim?

As a thick mist settles about your figure, you feel your skin cringe with barely noticeable goosebumps. A subtle shiver snakes down the center of your spine whilst your vision clouds; the only things you discern nearby is the enrapturing stare of two crimson lights in the midst of the mist. Your flesh depresses under the touch of clawed hands, the piercing tip grazing gently along the sides of your body, as if it was feeling upon every single one of your ribs. These claws gradually reach your shoulders, where they proceed to snake down your arms 'til reaching your wrists. You feel manipulated by an otherworldly force and, soon enough, your hands are forced in front of you with the palms facing the heavens. You hear a soft, acrid chuckle coming from the pair of crimson lights, and a voice that spreads out throughout the air like acid through the flesh.

&Money you might not want
Though I know what your desires are
Elegant clothes are not a must
What you desire is not perfume; not even musk!

Mayhaps I'm assuming based on your looks
Sophisticated and unique, with eyes to match
Such a free spirit is a queen, not a rook
I brought Chess in the equation but let's not be rash

I'll be your knight and you'll be my muse
Perhaps it's a curse, perhaps it's a boon
As if bitten by a vampire, we can both feel the lust
While dancing together within the dark side of the moon.&

The scene grows quiet and the mist begins to coalesce above your hands in a perfect sphere. The crimson glow melts within the newly formed shape, giving it a vibrant hue and rivulets of black and gray, giving it a unique texture.

Happy late Easter!

~ The Sauntering Mist Anon.

Oh my how you have caught my attention
Brandishing it straight from its confinement and detention
But I am guessing this is what you want
So why do you just simply taunt?
You know if you wished you could even tease
I wouldn't be offended to even go down on my knees.
Come back, and play with me if you dare
I am certain I could give you twenty different ways to care.

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Oh, my~!
Your kisses are like magic, Temptress~!
Thankie thankie for sharing your valuable time with this silly bunny~!

*bows gratefully*
And a nice way to celebrate my birthday.
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Lovely poetry.
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Demonic Sex Symbol

The mist can swirl and can entice in many different ways
Though the man in its shroud could tease from behind
Perhaps sneak up on you whilst the crimson lights glow fresh
Feel his warm breath's caress against your exposed flesh

With his lips upon your neck you may shiver and cringe
His hands sliding something about your tempting hips
The rough embrace of a pair of crossed belts
As you soon find yourself of your breath bereft.

~ The Sauntering Mist Anon.

Perhaps lessened to submitting to air
The tickle of the red of her hair
Upon her sun kissed glimmering flesh
Temping in the light the red moon left.
His lips, Oh they were not to shy
Perhaps a little gentle for what she wanted tonight
Stop hiding yourself mon Croquette
I know you want me, That was easy to get
Come out of the mist and do your worst
Perhaps even unbind me if you can be so coerced.
I promise you I am worth the time
And you will soon see why everyone wishes to be mine.

"Would you purr for me, my pet?", a wicked voice whispers in your twitching ear as a strong pair of arms wrapped around your sexy waistline. You will blush and whimper when my hard body presses against your back and nice rounded tush as the front side of your body is presing on the wall. Your kissable lips are tembling with anticipation upon what I do, so my lips crush against yours and my hands start to move to rub you all the right places which you make you purr more loudly as you grasp with delight once your eyes are closed," I will disappear because I am just a mere whisper of"

Your truly wanted,
~Deep Desire Dream~

Pet? Oh darling you are just too cute
I really don't think you would be able to even handle my boot
Tease me, please darling please do
After whats said and done I will make an example of you
I can place this game, In fact I am the best
I will make you tremble and sigh as I make you undress
I can do this all with just my voice
And give you only one right answer for this choice.

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I just had to say it okay? It was majorly killing my self esteem.


Elle laughed covering her mouth with her perfectly smooth hands and dainty french tipped nails. "Oh Levi, babydoll, Clearly you should realize there simply is no competition between the two if given the choice." She purred wrapping her arms around his neck, still inches shorter even with her heels. "The chocolates will always win. I will let you watch as I put it in my mouth though. Wouldn't that be delicious?"
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Desirable Sex Symbol

As usual our Temptress is the object of manys affection
How funny, there shall be an awful lot of rejection
It is funny to watch all the amateurs try
But they will never be a professional, like I
Temptress my darling, you know it to be true
As good as they are, it'll never be like Lace, me or you
*watches everything*
/trembles in her spot
H-how can you torture me like this?
/huffs for more
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Demonic Sex Symbol

An anonymous benefactor
Message: Ah, sweet Temptress, do you know what you’ve done?
My ardent attentions you have one.
You see, I find love is best enjoyed
When both parties are employed
It’s charming how undressing you doesn’t take long
As you hardly have any clothes on
My finger caressing your skin soft and sweet
Giving you shivers from your head to your feet
I know most lovers go straight between the thighs,
But there are other places that cause longing sights.
So let me gently caress the flesh of your breast
Paying tribute to the wonders of your chest
Lips seeding love at the collar of your neck
Down the curves of your body the tongue treks
The sound of your excited breaths is such a treat
As what you started, I complete.

Oh Minty my darling you are just so playful
I didn't even expect this to be so bountiful
Afterall it is my job to tease
Never once asking to be complete
I shall gift you with incredible sighs
As the touch you place on hips and thighs
You certainly know exactly what you are doing
Perhaps this is something you too should be pursuing.
What is it like to watch a kink fall apart
At crafting a skillful talent in their own art?
Do you enjoy the way my head shall turn
And your name from my lips like a prayer to be earned?
Come on sweetie, Don't be shy
I know that power is like a high
Enjoy right now for I do not let anyone have it easily
Even if their tongues are so ready to please me

But my dear, I’ve already decided
You know just where my mind is
Whips, chains
All sweet release
But you forever is what I need
You see, I’ve put in a lot of thought
you’ve got exactly what is not
In my bed
Giving me head
All these silly twits without a second of thought
I need them conniving
Those nails diving
Deeper and deeper into my skin
Pray tell, will you not let me win?
No, I see you are not the letting sort
Nor will you give in with quick retort
You need a special kind of love
You know what I’m thinking of
Latches on the bed
Feet held high above your head
Clamped tight with mechanisms galore
Because holding you is such a chore
Now for those hands
Behind your head?
No, perhaps free
So you may see
Eyes blindly cut
Mouth forever kept shut
Tell me oh wait
never mind
I’ll just assume you’re having a good time
We all know the Temptress is but a girl
Living life without a whirl
The spice I see
Is what you need
Latex holding skin so tight
Fighting you with all its might
Better then leather, I will admit

Razzle Dazzle

You wish to see me break, This is so clear
And yet the way you play it is so perfectly by ear.
Honestly now you must really know
Exactly what it takes me to go
I cave, no desire the lack of control
Though obviously this is something now publicly known
But break I still will not do
Even as you use the latex, chains, and leather to bind me to you
A collar? Oh Now puppet you really are cheeky
Do you think what you have done is really that sneaky?
You simply cannot own me, I will not allow
But the things you do to my body Anyhow...
Prince and Lace may be the kings of kink
However they have yet to brink me to such a brink
Clearly you have studied me and studied me well
To know that a break in routine is the way this queen fell
Do you like the way my lips try to form words?
Against the gag stuffed making them incoherent and scarcely heard.
Razzle what a name, A mantra in my head
Debating on whether I wish to have you again or have you dead
Degraded to such yet I love this type of thing
The way in which you mold my body is breathtaking
I will play good, I will be nice
Yet this is all for my daughter simply a price
And though I enjoy being topped so much
It is only this deal that lets you touch
Next time sweetheart, I am sure you will want it
I would suggest you let me direct you, And take you as I promise.

It's been told your heroes never meet
Keep their pedestals still,
Deny the inevitable disappointment
Reality often reveals.

But please come disillusion me
Shatter my fairy-tale dream,
Crumble my world of fantasy
Show me things are not what they seem.

For my unforgivable lust for you
Has eaten a hole in my soul,
And since it's impossible to have you
It's time to let you go.

Help me with this insufferable feat
I cannot do it alone,
I am sure there is a side of you
That as your lover I've never known.

For even you cannot be perfect
Everyone has their flaws,
Please show me sight of something
To provoke my heart to withdraw.

Show me that dark side of you
The part that's not so pretty,
Please won't you present it to me
Please help me, please take pity.

I need to find some magic way
To erase you from my life,
I need to see there's something in you
That I can easily despise.

But what a horrendous price to pay,
Do I possess what it will take
To obtain rational thought again,
Or is it another mistake I make.

For when I am hurt and suffering
What will be my protective?
When I am sad and lonely
What will instill perspective?

I fear you are indelible
In my heart for the duration
I don't know if you're my downfall
Or, more likely, my salvation.

I am totally confused
I am hopelessly obsessed
Am I cursed or am I blessed?

Many years and still counting
Ever present every day
With no sign of the slightest wither
It's insistent, it will not go away.

It's been too long, it can’t go on
My bitter-sweet love for you,
But a heart does not know instruction
You're the pawn, it makes the rules.

So hear my plea, understand my plight
Help me end this struggle,
Show me you're not the shining knight
Or curse me forever troubled.

It steals my breath,
Rips my heart from my chest
Each time you leave my side,
But what does one do with love misplaced
Too strong to be denied...

-Bittersweet Anon

Bittersweet, my dearest I will tell you a story
A story of that which I am really not sorry.
I am not this hero you obviously think me to be
In fact I am honestly the furthest away you see
I fell in love once, with a man by the name of Noir
Though cut from different cloth, our hearts were never far
However because fate is bitter we were really cursed from the start
Always close enough to desire, but still so for apart.
Another man I was to marry, before I met him too
However because of my kingdom, he killed me before we were due
Because of that I was made to become what I am
Because of this saving a man I loved, Love I no longer can
Beck the story the story I originally was going to tell
Noir and I were perfect for each other, dark and light as well.
However as a creature of hell, and a lower one at that
I was assigned to kill him, and he knew this little fact
We tried to play it off like it was certain though so cruel
And yet there lay the final hour when we knew we both would duel
My heart broke again, that day as I made my final plea
To the King of hell, I did go and Oh how he laughed at me
"Darling, you honestly think you can have exactly what you wish?
You are in hell, for the sins you have made, didn't you think it would be like this?"
With a waver in my soul that I so long did forget did exist
I couldn't handle how this situation had gone so horribly and completely amiss.
But how Lucifer smiled, so dashing in fact, though I knew he was cruel
"Elle, but of course I can get you out of this little rule,
I need a queen, or rather a rook. A player to see
Leave the war of Heaven and Hell, take this promotion and come to me."
And thus I did, my simple way out, Becoming more of my name
I took this in a way in order to change the game.
I still do not know where the man had gone, who holds my heart on a sleeve
But I tell you this so you will have the strength just to leave.
I cannot love anyone, darling, Honestly I could not
The circumstances of my existence are to fresh to be forgot.
I am just a pawn, as you said, a piece just to be moved
However with where I am in this would, I do what I honestly choose
Find another who can give you everything, without hesitation or thought
My body and my passion are all I have, Love certainly isn't caught.
I hate to see you go, but I can't afford to see you stay
Sweetheart, I really don't want to hurt you anymore today.

''Hey Tempy!'' Levi cried scampering over to his apparently new roommate. ''Mm?'' the red haired vixen purred softly, barely glancing up from one of her manicured nails. The young harlot held up a photograph of himself a couple years back, his black hair cut short, but his outfit incredibly similar to the one he wore now. ''Should I get my hair cut like this again?'' Elle took the picture and examined it carefully. It's too bad Levi really was attractive. She glanced at the boxers peeking over the tops of his jeans in the picture than back up to the happy bouncing young man beside her. She sighed softly. That's how it always was right? Men were so much better when there only job was to shut up and look good. ''Your hair looks fine as is..'' she shrugged then pointed to the small basket Levi had carried in.

''What's that?'' she asked arching en eyebrow slowly. ''Oh!'' Levi smiled brightly handing over the contents. ''I went over to Logan's the other day and he had just pulled in a big haul, so there's that.'' he grinned, setting down a plate of hand rolled sushi. ''And then this.''He said. Sliding forward a piece of his triple chocolate French silk pie that had so flawlessly ensnared the vixen before. ''And this.'' He smiled setting down a small glass bottle. ''Wine from Natasha's stash, she said I had to bring you some if I was giving you sushi. I stopped by and brought her some too, and she said--'' Ellie paused looking at all the gifts gathered on the table besides her. Levi must have really wanted it, usually one or two of these gifts would have at least gotten him a decent shagging by now, why was he spoiling her so much. ''And this'' Levi grinned, setting down a small, familiar black bag. Elle scowled at her blushing cheeks as she recalled the way Levi did her hair just a few nights before. How did a man with three jobs find enough time to learn so much from the shop owners. I'll do your hair when you're all finished with this.'' Elle glanced down at a CD, Lace slid forward. Unmarked in a plain plastic case. ''Did you burn this?'' she asked. There was that cocky grin on her roommate's face that said the answer was yes. But what was on it..?

''And when you're done--'' Elle blinked feeling Lace's hot breath on her neck, his lips just teasing her ear. ''Tell Dance I won without even touching you.'' Elle blinked. Ooh..so that's what this was about? Well. It was a bold claim for a guy who only got shagged when she was rip roaring drunk. But he had played all of his cards, and he played them all at once in a full out attack. This was good, this was very good. She picked up the CD and examined it before gathering her things and moving to her room. He'd have to have been pretty confident about whatever was on this disk though to say he won without touching her. She picked up a piece of sushi and nearly melted biting into it. Yes, very well played indeed. Still, he hadn't won yet. Though him doing her hair like he had done the other night met set him over the top. But that was for later. Pulling on a pair of headphones, once the CD loaded Elle pressed play.

Eating her sushi and drinking her wine, Elle was content. Happy in fact. Levi had proved himself once more, and she wasn't sure why he kept playing this game except for the fact Dance could have her whenever the mood struck. Perhaps it was a horrible ego blower. But all of this left out the window when the track started up. Oh... how her breath caught in her throat. Completely dumbfounded by the sounds a blush, the second one that night, rose to her cheeks causing her to feel like such a school girl. How did Levi find out? How did he know? Oh this was not going to be good at all.

Quickly pressing pause on her music player she nearly tripped out of the door, her pulse racing both from obvious desire and embarrassment. "L.. Levi." The woman known as the temptress stuttered but a small bit, her red hair framing her face in a perfect tousled fashion as she waited those hard couple of seconds before the man looked at her. That grin so apparent on his face. He knew. He knew he had won. Oh Lucifer she was dead. Unable to even consider speaking again knowing she would be a flustered mess, she did the only thing she knew she was good at during times like these. Crossing the brief distance between them, she leaned up onto her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his lips without second thought. She hated when she couldn't control the situation especially when all the right buttons were pushed. But Damnit, she needed a fix immediately. "Congrats, you won. Now claim your prize."

But hiding you see, I am no more
Shown by the tenderness suddenly turned
Rough as my fangs pierce through your neck's skin
Whilst my front grinds and pushes 'gainst your hips

Maybe that was a little revealing
A little tempting, my little darling
Suddenly, you see, the mist's no more
And we're both found naked in the midst of a closed room

What happens from here, 'tis up to you to decide
For I am fairly sure that we've both got the time
To unbind each other from this world's mortal coil
As your throat feels the tight embrace of this leather collar with cross

~ The Sauntering Mist Anon.

Spoiling me with gifts, Oh how you have caught on
I am easy to please, especially with clothing gone
Of course you would have felt my body shimmer and shake
at the touch your fangs piecing did make
Incredibly enticing, completely unique
Curiosity in its finest, How it did peek
This game we play of cat and mouse
How I adore it, as I press my lips to your mouth
Hungry for desire I always seem
Mortal I am not, for I am another creature of the seam
It has been told I crave those of a darker past
Perhaps some of my other suitors you may outlast
Give it a try, and give me your worst
If you try to command me, you wouldn't be the first
But turnabout is fair play, and I do play dirty
But if you open that can of worms, as an opponent I will be worthy.

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Demonic Sex Symbol

Venus beckons in lace bound fast,
By chains of love wrapped tight,
Her lush lips so tenderly pressed,
To the earth's ancient grassy breast,

Goddess mine please hear my prayers,
Smile down on your slave of love,
Carry my spirit to that place you dwell,
That altar between your silken thighs.

Her moans and sighs sweet music,
Calling me to her fervent worship,
Tn that temple of secret delights,
Surrendering all I am to you freely,

I sing for you an ancient primal hymn,
Soft muffled songs roll from my lips,
Shake the earth and rock your hips,
Take my offerings, mark me as yours,

Press my face to that cup of sacred wine,
And drink deep that sweet water of life,
Far beyond the realm of mortal desire,
Love's alchemy, carnal made the sublime.

Poetry, my muse, Oh how I simply adore
You leave me wanting for just a bit more
While not a complete lexiphile, I do understand
The twist and play of words and how they command
The descriptions of ministrations, cataclysmic of course
Desperation ascending into into the ability to coerce
Defying the argument,a tango is not for one
Simply like a bow, coming undone

The Temptress Anon's avatar

Demonic Sex Symbol

You know some times I get so hungry,
Like the big bad wolf for you, Little Red,
I don’t need what's in that basket,
You know just what I'm starving for.

Innocent smile shines on my lips,
Hungry eyes of a wolf flash at you.

Sometimes I get so thirsty and dry,
Panting and parched, licking my lips,
The heat makes me so dizzy,
And thoughts of you fill my mind,

The grin of a wolf flashes brightly,
My eyes trusting like a child’s.

Oh how my heart will beat in its throat
not yet a single escape of a note
How I love the danger I see
and yet I know this will be no good for me
though Immortal I have been unto this day
Dying is really something I do not wish, if I may
But yet I am still rooted to this spot
Clever in this I really am not.

Mister Wolf, Bad wolf will you really eat me?
Right here right now for all completely?
Or are you going to make me a toy
Charming considering what I do to my boys

I see you are a tough cookie to break
But all cookies crumble, love
Be it on the floor
Or in my mouth
If I cannot own you, well
I simply must give in
If you wish not to be mine
That’s just fine
But I will not forget what I came here for
I care not what this public thinks
Just give them a seductive wink
Ill own you for a night
Does that sound about right?
Compose you like Edward Elgar
Your body, my cello
Play in E minor
Nice & and slow
Or maybe you’d prefer a romantic approach?
Become my Christine
Sing for me
Be my angel and hit that high note
Make my nerves swim with delight
Then I shall take you in the night
By force, if need be
But we all know what you need
Someone who will not say no
Take what they want
Then let you go
Your choice to come back
Not yours to go
Can you not see?
I wish to show you the delights
Of the backstage
To stay in the rafters
Listen to Requiem
Dance with me
Can you move on such a small space?
Or must we go lower
Dance on the stage?
For all to see
Let your screams
Bounce of those walls
Let them all
Hear the siren song
Of the Temptress on all fours
Begging for more

Razzle Dazzle

((How I feel being kink Linku I don’t know wt. Im doing here ))

Razzle, you are quite convincing
At first I pegged you to be acting like prince in this thing
Taking me without little consent
and waiting to see I will be at your side present
And yet now this difference, It is so clear
oddly I find this romanticism to represent more than you appear
Would you like me to be your siren distant in the sea
Beautiful and haunting, so hypnotizing
Or perhaps even better, an age of sorts
that is if you can look past the blood for wings and worse
Razzle, you are so interesting, As different as a kink
This alone fact makes you compelling and unique
You have me ensured now, the devil is in the words
It is interesting how this conversation shall be overheard.
Are you not proud? Was this not your goal
Perhaps you don't own me, but you have me unfurled
Threw me off my game with this bait and switch
so flawless in delivery, and played without a hitch.
Come dance with me, I will come back again
This time you really did win
Clever boy, so clever, I am still impressed
The fact that you were able to get under the skin of this Temptress

Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please

Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree
Where we'll gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream

All of my affections
I give them all to you
Maybe by next summer
We won't have changed our tunes

I still want to be
In this town beside the sea
Making up new numbers
And living so merrily

All of my affections
I give them all to you
I'll be here for you always
And always be for you

Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please
Living so merrily


Oh darling what a gorgeous tune
I am quite a fan of this cheeky cartoon
The characters oh they really are something
Thank you for this little prompting

"Commanding you is something I need not
Between devils like us, commands ensued are moot
I show but barely tell, looking at your soul with my skin bare
Much like yours as I taste your lips, and the sweet scent of your body slim

Yet slender as you squirm and twitch
I do believe it's this what you really wish
Desire and lust commanding your every move
As my opponent in this game, your hand is already known

The Queen of Hearts, you may be
Tempting weaker minds with the gifts this world has given thee
Perhaps you may try to enrapture me within this apparent glade
But my darling, you forget, I am the Ace of Spades

As our bodies twine and our souls touch
Fiery flames of passion bursting forth
You're taking this gift, so rough and sweet
Which only bears resemblance, yet not the same feel..."

~ The Sauntering Mist Anon.

Queen of Hearts, said he the man to the woman
How flattering and completely it sits like an omen
I do not wish for hearts, it is not my intention
Lust is my game, I thought I should re-mention
Your game is so clever your words not sparse
Simply know exactly how to play with me in this art
I find it horrible your identity is still unknown
Perhaps this is best considering our lack of a home
Such passion and gusto you give to each touch
I adore, I crave this, and if this was poison I'd be a lush
wrapping your hair around my finger just so
Perhaps there is information that you must know
I am quite the addict once I have had it I crave
I will have a person until they go to the grave
But you darling, you I know shall not die
Perhaps I will have to shift you into being a regular at night.

The Temptress Anon's avatar

Demonic Sex Symbol

I hunger to bare my heart wild and free,
Alpha pair of wolves, you at my side,
Nuzzling, sniffing the moist night air,
Hungry and fierce in desires shared.

Running naked, moonlit, laughing,
Singing songs to sweet Mother Night,
Howling at the full moon as we mate,
Under the clear summer night sky.

We rock and growl lost in the needing,
Till it shakes us and we surrender to,
Passions unbound by mortal rules,
And the taint of the mundane world.

How this should come about is quite the mystery
But the intentions shall not be lost on me.
Pretty wolf, come stay by my side
let me pet your soft furred hide
Perhaps you will turn human so that I may
play with you not as a beast, but a man by day
Come now puppet, it is your turn
Cast a line and see what you will earn

The Temptress Anon's avatar

Demonic Sex Symbol

Levi raised an eyebrow watching Elle stumble out of her room.
Her skin was flushed, hair matted, but there was definitely a glow about her.
The long haired male chuckled softly, peering at the vixen from over the rim of his glasses.
''I trust your disheveled appearance means you enjoyed my gifts hmm?''
He smirked, examining the silver watch on his wrist and swore lightly.
''Look, I gotta go meet 'Tasha over at Skin Tyte, yeah?''
He pulled a disc from his back pocket.
''I promise I'll do your hair as soon as I get back from work, okay?''
He chuckled softly examining it, hen handed the CD over.
''Try not to have too much fun without me, hmm?
And Tell Dance I said try to keep up.''
He smiled as he headed out the door.

Looking at the CD and the case, another bout of pink covered her skin. She would have to save these until later Perhaps way later when Dance came back from wherever he was. Twice to three times in one day? Levi was excellent at holding nothing back with the hand of cards he was dealt but Elle certainly could resist. She was quite good at that. Putting the CDs on the counter she went back to her room, tossing her hair up into some type of ponytail until Levi got back. She really needed to learn how to do it herself one of these days.

"Through our poetry, I have to just say
How I adore this game we so fervently play
Queen of Hearts or Queen of Lust
Merely nicknames that vanish into dust

Many identities we may take whilst our life's never ending
If you thought me a common human, that's a mistake you should be mending
Now are you so sure my identity is unknown?
Could you still not tell, looking into my dark and twisted soul?

With each touch, you only give me more
Desire increasing, body and soul become one
Lust indeed is your game, oh so entertaining
Be it sunny, be it cloudy, be it snowing, be it raining

With a quick thrust and a grin upon my face
I put us one step closer to the checkmate
Maybe you shall soon learn who or what it is that I am
But hold on to the keys for this room in the meantime"

~ The Sauntering Mist Anon.

It is difficult do you not see?
Often I lose track of what is in front of me
All I know is that you are quite good
But to play with me you so obviously you should.
Straddling your waist, cheek to cheek
Fingers through your hair pushing it back, clearly not meek
The event is over, It is at a close
Will you visit me again after this? Who knows
With a grin on my lips, and you wearing the marks from my hands
Glad I could certainly fulfill your demands.
Till we meet again, darling, I am sure we will
The marks and the night shall fade just as it never stands still
A quick kiss to the lips, and then she was off to the door
You know where to find me in the future if you desire more.

The devil is in the foot work, my dear
Do you not see this tango we curl?
Just the two of us
Alone on this stage
Your little page
Never in harms way
Your attention
It is all I seeked
For a bit of fun
To see you light on your feet
You dance like fingers on a piano
Its all about the show
Take your mask off
Take a bow
Be you my siren on mermaid shores
Or the innocent devil who weeps for the hoards
Of people who come and go
Seeing this theatrical Hell
Well, if I have won
You may have your little bun
Your soul to keep
A lock of your hair
Is all I seek
To do with as I see fit
To add to my collection
Of things unmentioned
From victims so mangled
By the dances we dance
They never bother to give it a chance
Let it be dirty
Let it be rough
Let the sweat drip off like disgusting muck
It isn't a dance worth dancing
If you are not exhausted
Come to my stage again
Play with me
It has such a lovely ring
((Youll need these more then me~))

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle, baby you are such a tease
You know how to give me nothing and yet still please
This dance is dangerous, outrageously so
Look now both of us are caught unable to go
Push and pull, break and snare
Follow me back if you dare
I would make this long, but I shall make it short
After all you have made my body contort
I know where you live, and Mist does too
I will see you again before the next event is through

Let me drink from that chalice,
Of such wondrous design,
As I lovingly hold it,
My mouth filled with your wine,
A sacrament to love's grace.

Ambrosia, so sweet and rare,
Let me be transformed by it,
Loves alchemy, dross to gold,
Let me drink of it deeply.

I want to kiss the pink pearl
That adorns its delicate rim,
To polish it till it glows,
A labor of love, freely given.

Such a quest to find it,
The grail of my heart,
A treasure to fill my dreams,
Elusive goal, that consumes me.

Let me worship the goddess,
At the altar tween your thighs,
On my knees, sweet surrender,
To a force so divine.

Let me be love's servant,
Bearer of the message of desire,
To whisper my prayers to her,
To burn with celestial fire.

What gorgeous words you bring to me
Clearly you know I adore them willingly
You speak to me of adoration, devotion and Love
I hate to bear this news, but love is not what I am made of
Oh but yet you know, since you worshiped my body
Concocting and creating the most symphonic of Melodies
But Alas the time has come
When all begins start to come undone
How I wish I even knew a name
So that I could know who wished to play my game
Perhaps next time I shall hear from you
Until then, darling, Simply Adieu.

I hunger to bare my heart wild and free,
Alpha pair of wolves, you at my side,
Nuzzling, sniffing the moist night air,
Hungry and fierce in desires shared.

Running naked, moonlit, laughing,
Singing songs to sweet Mother Night,
Howling at the full moon as we mate,
Under the clear summer night sky.

We rock and growl lost in the needing,
Till it shakes us and we surrender to,
Passions unbound by mortal rules,
And the taint of the mundane world.

So carnal this desire that you seek
I am not quite sure your criteria I meet
While not the most human, I do fear
That perhaps I am not what you think my dear
But Oh I can share you secrets of the world
Stories that simply were never unfurled
But perhaps another time, another hour
Because these trees are beginning to lose flower
The Temptress Anon's avatar

Demonic Sex Symbol

An event here and gone Imagine that
Really this one went by not as fast...
However, with a few hours to go
This will be the last you hear of me until the next event, So.
That being said it really was fun
I do like what has begun
Till them Mon Amis I will be waiting
Ready to fulfill the desires that you will have been creating.


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