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Bittersweet Anon
>I wouldn't have it so that we continue to gift one another to grab one's attention.
I'm ever glad you remembered me this time around. I did miss you so.
I wondered when I would next hear from you, but, alas, you know my dilemna.
Sorrowfilled I am, but, a bitter smile is upon my lips at the thought
that you remembered to call in on me.
If this event is to be the end of it, thank you, for taking time
to send me something special.
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Dangerous Hunter

Silly fingers, you should know by now that I'm the one who's supposed to feel bitter,
This event is not the end,
For I am always here,
I am always stalking.
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Bittersweet Anon
>Oh, is it so?
How is it that it has become such
that you have fallen out of the
rise and fall of your tongue upon
my ears in the sweet tides
that your words do emit as?
To prose do you turn,
as the path of sweet lyric been wrought
with such ache in the heart
that you seek to leave it?
I would mourn such a loss
of the wit of your diction
and the quaint pictures
you ever did depict.
But alas, tis not for me to contemplate
as to question your sorrow is
the question at hand.
Such a kiss given unto me
upon your sweet enticing return,
lifts my heart to the top
of the cage in sits deep inside.
Such sweet lips are burdened,
when salt of tears is detected.
Pray tell me, have I wronged you?
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You're not a hero, you're a liar.

This is amusing, I have to admit.

You're not a savior, you're a vampire.
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Dangerous Hunter

The bitterness in my heart has no singular cause,
Many people give my words pause.
For sweetness I am known,
And yet my sorrow gives it a bitter tone.
But worry not, love,
For you and a scant few I rise above.
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Eloquent Conversationalist

Bittersweet Anon
>For no singular cause of bitterness,
I would see it so that I strive to be
a single source of pleasantness;
a distant intimate you are to me.
Such thoughts of you have plagued my mind:
the turmoil of no time for idle chat.
I wish such events frequented summer:
I'd have plenty of time for that.
Of dark lit bedrooms, and castle keeps,
I remember we spoke of last.
I would only hope such lofty dreams
aren't lost only to the past.
Mayhaps you have found yourself bored,
for that I am sincere.
My apologies, shal'nt be enough
for the loss of you, I fear.
To know one of such high spoken name,
has taken me to her mind.
To hold and think of, however rare,
would be a wonderous spot to find.
Such musings and whispers, in the comfort of the dark
would be something I desire.
To think that you've no impression on me
would be to call myself a liar.
So I bid thee au revoir in time of closes,
for the morning sun has shown.
And the trailing of your fingers 'gainst mine,
it seems too that time has flown.

[Should this be the last I hear from you, I'd like to thank you,
for being wonderful as ever to remember me this event] <3

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