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What was the hardest subject for you?

Math 0.3859649122807 38.6% [ 22 ]
Science 0.087719298245614 8.8% [ 5 ]
English 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 12 ]
Social Studies 0.070175438596491 7.0% [ 4 ]
P.E. 0.12280701754386 12.3% [ 7 ]
Other 0.12280701754386 12.3% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 57 ]
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AHHH!!! MATH!!! </3 burning_eyes
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i hate math so much that it's not so funny
I really didn't have difficulty in any subjects i love math and all my other subjects i just don't like english it's too much rules but it'll help u in the long run!!! I don't know if anyone agree's with me on this, but what is the point of half the things that we learn....we are not going to use them in real life when we get older anyways. Another thing that influences how much you like something or understand it is your teacher...........if your teacher sucks most likely your learning experience does too.
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i dont know whats wrong with me. i get the everything my teachers teach but then the tests come along and i get nervous and forget everything scream it sux but i guess i have gotten better burning_eyes sweatdrop
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my hardest subject in my school was resource management, before u say anything the classwork material never reay matched the class' name. we had to learn the economy, and how to cook.. stressed

I love to write, but the names and vocabulary were so confusing.

But my teacher was awesome. xD
im in 8th grade and math is easy but our weird p.e teacher is mean so i hate it !!!!!! scream mad mad
Your Dark ArchAngel

I love to write, but the names and vocabulary were so confusing.

But my teacher was awesome. xD

my teacher used to mess with me about my spelling
i find languages really frustrating
i fckin hate math i just dont get it i think im dislektik
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Social Studies/History.

Math, Science, and English were all super easy for me, because I enjoy all of them. History had always been dull to me, though, and ifI can't pay attention in class, I won't retain information.
Calculus gonk

PE sucked too, but that was more because it's either PE or varsity team in my school, and well, the cool kids were on the teams and the dorks were on PE. (And that was actually true, in PE I was indeed with a bunch of dorks talk2hand ).
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math was the hardest, and so was chemistry crying
i loved history and English though! biggrin

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