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What was the hardest subject for you?

Math 0.3859649122807 38.6% [ 22 ]
Science 0.087719298245614 8.8% [ 5 ]
English 0.21052631578947 21.1% [ 12 ]
Social Studies 0.070175438596491 7.0% [ 4 ]
P.E. 0.12280701754386 12.3% [ 7 ]
Other 0.12280701754386 12.3% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 57 ]
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History by a long yard.
I took AP in all my classes
so I'm sure it wouldn't have been
that way had I taken honors or regular.
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crystal lies
crystal lies

11th grade(goin 2)

well tht explains everything your older than me so i cood see how you are probably smarter in mathemtics then others...... wow ur old hehehe just kidding im juss oddly young but im doing advanced algebra right now so maybe it moght be a little hard for me stare ill get it though gonk

im goin 2 tenth but im in advaned 2

OH AWESOME GOOD LUCK 2 U so r u in high school right now?


no problem heheehehe.....im so young compared to everyone in gaia gonk every wher i go i meet people way older than me....
Math. I failed Algebra 1 Part 2 twice (was going through a rough patch, though. The second time I didn't even try to do better.) Never, ever thought I'd fail a class in my life. neutral

Chemistry was pretty hard, too. But I worked damn hard in that class. And looking back now, weird as it sounds, all those pain-in-the-bum formulas were actually a lot of fun! surprised
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Earth and Space Science. It had quantum physics or some s**t in it. I got a 76%..
Posting fur money :3
Math, it's a little hard. Not the best of my subjects.
hardest subject for me was english . sad
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if it's not Geometry, then MATH.

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Posting fur money :3
You really need to stop doing that outside of the chatterbox, you're not contributing to the conversation and it's considered spam, I know you've been reported at least twice, you keep getting reported and doing it you will be banned. So please, stop.
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I say English because I don't speak a lot. Haha.
Earth and Space Science. It had quantum physics or some s**t in it. I got a 76%..

I love quantum mechanics!
Grade 12 Chemistry for the win.
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helll....i graduated and i still hate math especially algebra....
I think their all easy but my only problem is i dont like to do my work.....well only my homework thats really the only thing holding me back i wish their was a nother way to gt good grades sad but sadly theirs not ! burning_eyes
I had a pure hatred for maths, I failed it at GCSE level (Yes im english ¬_¬) Only because i don't understand the question papers, i can do maths fine.. its just the exam paper. but then when i got to A-level i realized a topic i could hate more than maths, sociology ¬_¬ not that is a topic i could have lived happier without even doing
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Animal science and civics, not cause of the subjects in general, yet because of the stupid kids and doucher teachers I had to deal with, and photography was stupid, cause all we learned was Photoshop, we never did photography or anything whaosever.

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