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what collage?

harvard 0.21875 21.9% [ 7 ]
yale 0.0625 6.2% [ 2 ]
community collage 0.21875 21.9% [ 7 ]
anyone near me 0.5 50.0% [ 16 ]
Total Votes:[ 32 ]
This poll closed on June 7, 2010.
No longer accepting new votes.
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collage is here!! can you wait.... FREE FROM PARENTS!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!
Your choices are too specific here. I go to Virginia Tech - It's not a community college nor a college near by. Congrats, though! You'll have a blast in college! smile
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Some kinda drawing college. (its called king willam 1 college, not in us xD)
collegde = hot a** chicks
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yale biggrin
I'm going to my dream college, the UPR of Rio Piedras. It's the best and oldest college here in Puerto Rico, it's 3 hours away from home and it's located right next to our biggest city. Only the smartest of the smartest get into that college, so I'm psyched that I got in! I'm way excited, I cannot wait!
Wooooo hoooooo!!
finally xd
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I really don't know... maybe a college where I can learn graphic design.
I'm headed to SMU.

Look here, kid...Trust me, you need your parents more than you think.

And, no, college = men actually care about personality rather than boobs for once.
I don't know about *collage, but I am going to *college...
Plattsburgh in fact. ;3
Probably FCC, My community college. I'm going to this thing called CTC, its a career and tech center. I can cook.(;
So the CTC building and FCC they're on the same campus.. so I'd be more firmiliar with it. My mom went here a couple times and took me with her. So I've been inside and stuff. At CTC I'm majoring in Culinary arts, and I'm not sure what I wanna major in, in college... if I can afford it.
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UBC-O! Go Canadian universities!

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