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Real life sucks too. Just so you know <,<"
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whats with all this hate? i love school sweatdrop
You know what's worse than school? Minimum wage jobs. And most of those require a highschool degree.

I scooped dog poop all summer at a kennel. Not. Fun. Although for some reason telemarketing and housekeeping were both even worse.

Stay in school XD.
ITT, underage punks that don't realize without education they won't achieve anything.
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i love my school heart ...but i hate the ppl in it
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What's wrong with school...there's stuff to do and learn, and all my friends are there.
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<o< life sucks more than school
(happy i am still in school)
yo'll dont know wut u sayiN! giving motha fuuckin assignments! if you didnt do it they'll punish you like hell! No sexxi ladies allowed! No Foods allowed during class! No No nothing is allowed! No school no Job! Who cares about a Job! In the real world you must survive, if ur surviving with jobs like doctor, nurse, teacher, shiitgiver then ur an assshole! you can steal things up? IM SHOPLIFTING LIKE 3 YEARS NOW! just to survive without school and jobs that needed school!
How about instead of getting yourself thrown in juvy, why not just graduate early?
i hate school as much as the next guy, but doing drugs? drinking? nah... burning_eyes drugs riun ur life die young go ahead
You know what I notice? Most of the people who hate school so much can't type at all. My cat can type better. Then again, my cat's downloaded songs before, too. It bugs me. Most of those school haters only know their first language, right? If you can only learn one language, I hope you're good with it.
i hate school a lot too but its life everyone has to get through it ..whatever.. xd its fun sometimes tho xd
but most of all i hate the drama goshh it the most stupidest thing ever i juhs try to avoid friends who are so much drama stare
I don't Hate school but this is what i do hate
about My School

1. Waking up EARLY
2. Mean teachers
3.Messy,Nosey People
4.People are too Ghetto
5.So much slang @.@
6. Our prefect teacher is a ***** i swear
becuase he always goes to my friend ( she a veggi)
and looks over here whiles she's eating saying" Hey..Can..I have your food"
and " Aww why did you give your sweets to them i whanted it" Oh
there was this time when she handed her candy to me to hide it because he was coming over and he was like " Wheres your sweets? i know you have them...i know there inbetween your legs" ( OKAY he went to far with that one) me and my friend shared glances because i had them on my lap and he stayed there for a couple of mins then left.
Plus everytime theres a girl and when he talks to them he puts his hand under there chin tickling it.He does wrost than that too.

7. School looks like a broken down factory
8. bad education.
school sucks big time the worst place ever made lets start a riot scream
i love my school

what sane person would like school people who like school are insane like my sister

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