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What are the secrets to surviving high school, being liked, standing up for yourself with out consequences, and so forth? Haha Degrassi isnt helping me much ^____-
High school is not that bad, actually. Just be yourself, and everything should be okay! You'll inevitably change throughout the years, so you shouldn't worry too much about your freshman year! heart
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thanks ^-^ but how do you make friends of th more popular states? haha i was amazed being best friends with reanna this year with her being the most popular in in school but middle school is different..
Haha that damn Degrassi. Never did me any good, either. Well, there really are no secrets as posted above. Just, be you. And as far as making friends with the popular crowd...well...I guess there is one secret.

There is no true popular crowd. There are people who are known. But like we've said, be true to yourself, and I'm sure you'll become known. It worked for me, and I moved in the middle of my 10th grade year, shy as hell. And here I am, graduating with shitloads of people who I can call friends.
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Degrassi is bull, if you want to know what high school is really like, watch Skins ^_^
Ugh, yeah don't watch Degrassi. It's an absolute joke. To be blunt and honest, be yourself and don't let people give you s**t for who you really are. If they have a problem with it, then tell them to suck it. Make friends who love you for you and you'll have fun =]
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I agree with the post above me, don't try to make friends because that person is popular, makes friends by chance. Also with another post high school will change you in those 4 short years. Also be prepared to deal with a lot of drama from everyone maybe even yourself from time to time. Just be yourself and it should all go smoothly. :3
((example- I went into to high school a really shy and timid person till I made a bunch of friends that were nothing like me. They were all loud and funny. I changed completely but I like myself better this way))

Also don't forget to love yourself the way you are and the not the way people mostly
underclassmen tell you to be.
High school was one of the best times of my life. I really enjoyed it and I miss it to this day.... It was also cool that it was a diverse school and everyone was popular!
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alright. haha you guys are so helpful. ^-^ but i dont care if the person is popular haha, me and her were just distant friends until we had pe. >__<
I love high school. Television has got it all wrong! It's not completely horrible. There will always be bitches, sluts and man-whores but the new amazingly awesome people you meet and your friends make up for it! There is so much more freedom. Be yourself, and get out there. Learn to talk to new people! I met some great people by talking! I used to be so shy, but high school really helped me out of my shell.
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Thing is I am really social but I have the tendency to seclude myself. As push my friends aside and stay on my own island. How do I cope with THAT?
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"Standing up for yourself" is never without consequences. Something important to remember is that you really aren't that much different from everybody else, and trying to be unique often makes you an outcast. Just go with the flow.
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I'm only a freshman so I dont know much about High school, but I learned not to stress about things. Like regents, Y should stress about it a little, but in my opinion, if your passing a class, then you must likely will pass the regents
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High school guide to being cool:
-Read manga and discuss anime so everyone can see it
-Listen to only heavy metal and so loud everyone can hear your headphones
-Wear Iron Maiden t-shirts
-Dress up as your favorite anime character for Halloween
-Avoid every social event for the sake of rebelling
-Dye your hair a wacky color
-Wear hats that aren't commonly seen, like fedoras, but all the time
-Wear baggy pants with chains
-Walk slowly in the halls to show you are dominant
-Be a d**k to everyone
-Be loud and obnoxious
-Fail all your classes

I graduated this year, and I couldn't be cool because I did none of this.
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